Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This Sunday was one of those that I need to remember. When I am old and forgetful, I want Mary Kate to read this and remind me of this oh so sweet day. It started with an invitation by the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa's nuns) to Mass in their home. For most of the time Ross and I have known each other, their living room was our sanctuary. As our need for a nursery arose and the sisters' ministry changed some, we see them less. We were happy to attend Mass as the Sisters as they had invited Archbishop Gregory to say Mass. The last time we spoke with Archbishop, he gave a blessing to Mary Kate who was in utero.

We arrived, greeted by faces of love from our sisters. The Archbishop quickly arrived and remembered blessing Mary Kate over 2 years ago. He quickly assured us that he would not be disturbed by her "talking" and that it is adults who bother him during Mass, never children. He spoke to us of a father's love and of the Ten Commandments as a tool to grow in our faith. He smiled when Mary Kate pronounced "Amen" a  few too many times.

Mary Kate was uncharacteristically calm this Sunday, battling a little virus. She alternated between mine and Ross's shoulders or sitting calmly on our laps, if talking her way through Mass. At one point, she kept looking back at Sister Brunetta. As Sister reached out her arms, our girl climbed to her. A few minutes later, I looked back and MK was laying on Sister's shoulder, as content as can be. I know she was sick and lacking her little "let me down to destroy this room" mentality, but looking at a woman who has been with you since your first date with your husband (remember, "Keri, if you do not marry him you have to wear my habit!) hold your precious baby, well, it warmed me so.  I never want to forget the image of my girl feeling comforted and safe in the arms of my beloved Sister Brunetta.

Mass ended and Archbishop joked that he had some competition for attention with Mary Kate. Newly arrived Sister Dominga whispered that there was no competition- MK  clearly won. We received a blessing for new baby and Ross helped direct the Archbishop out of the driveway and into the road. A thankful Archbishop rolled down the window and declared to Ross that he would get the boy he wants! Come September, we'll see how much pull he has with the big guy!

Sunday was a nice escape to a smaller church, to being surrounded by the Body of Christ. We sat with a 26-year-old HIV patient, having her baby TODAY! We prayed for baby Kamille and for her mother. We saw old friends and felt the warmth of being "known." I remember when MK was first born, holding her during Mass. It was the biggest dream fulfilled- more than even having a baby, my dream was to hold that baby during Mass. As a tiny baby, we held her in that same small living room, with those same prayerful, holy sisters, and felt like we were with family.

What a wonderful little family reunion we had! I will make sure to get some current pictures next time. There isn't a luckier little girl than our Mary Kate for having these ladies love her so!

Vania has been with the sisters for many years, most recently battling kidney failure. She was not feeling well Sunday bit still stopped to kiss our girl.

Sr's Brunetta, Anunciela and Dominque- still loving MK almost 2 years later.

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