Monday, September 30, 2013

Faster than a speeding bullet

Life these days. This has been perhaps our busiest season as a family marked by a constant effort to slow down and enjoy the multitude of blessings given to us during

this time. I need only look down at the growing appendage to my abdomen to do a double take. Whoa! We are pregnant, and due in 11 weeks. Oh and we are closing on our old house (glory, hallelujah!). And we are stilllll under construction in our new house. And one baby got old enough to go to school and another baby got old enough to throw food and have his first birthday. We celebrated our 4th anniversary (and did not mark the occasion of a showered, make-upped, in semi cute clothes wife with a photo??!?). We had lots of visits from family to spend time with the kids/rescue the parents and have had a few health scares (me with baby, though all is well and Ross with another back injury). All of a sudden fall is here and it's only the change of the weather that reminds me of the passing of all this time. Anyway- it's been too long to do one big recap so life in photo...

after his dad did a horrid job of trimming, mom finally took a hint and took Thomas for his first big boy haircut. Thanks to a lollipop and his favorite lap, it was a success. Except that now he looks old and this just makes me want to keep him in jon jon's until he's 4 now.

Fall is here, which in this house, means college football. Rarely does it mean Georgia football but as her mom, I have the right to say that her Bulldog cheerleader outfit is much cuter than her gamecock one. Fashion wins.

Mama got a 22 second glimpse of life in this house as of December. Hope the new baby doesn't mind living his or her life in some sort of "tom proof" cage. Survival mode means something new with this little monster around.

Mama spent a whole 30 hours away at the dotmom conference in Chattanooga. To say I learned a ton is a huge understatement. The speakers (John Croyle, owner of Big Oak Ranch for kids, seen here was a national championship defensive end (back?) under Bear Bryant and left his chance for an NFL career to open a home for kids who need a chance.) Oh and Jen Hatmaker was there too. I hear she's great?? :)

We attempted a family day at the fair but it was packed and hot and mama was tired and so we let our girl have this joy and then bolted.

Roo Roo was but one of the visitors who came to rescue us during these oh so hectic months. Some Montessori style learnin' in casa Ninness. If only mama were so cool...

This mommy loves nothing more than a festival (or any place that sells corn dogs) so we've enjoyed some fall outdoor fun where Thomas can eat grass and mama can eat those corn dogs.

Someone has learned to accessorize and needs a part time job to support her habit.

someone else has decided he's big and wants to play like a big boy. Dear precious Tom, you could do more if you stood upright. Not rushing you, but just sayin.

A favorite activity of little miss is a picnic and since her new school is stone's throw from the beautiful Marietta square, we frequently pack lunch and have some after school play time. It's one of our favorite parts of our new town!

And oh bless him, does a man's first birthday not deserve it's own post? Poor buddy. Well, since we had been in our house all of 10 days, we celebrated with lunch with dad at the train and a cake me-maw made the weekend before (knowing this mama couldn't be trusted to get a cake). I did insist on a birthday outfit and find no problems with my ability to prioritize. Every little man would choose a smocked birthday jon jon over chocolate cake. Duh.

Hey may not have gotten a party, but this little eater was more than happy with his sesame chicken, rice and fried chips.
The evening celebration wasn't so fabulous as our birthday boy turned into a cranky pants but I did catch him taste testing while I grabbed the votive candle for him to blow out (you didn't dare expect me to have some cute singing number one candle, did you?) Later in the birthday week he earned himself 5 vaccinations and no climbage of the growth chart. Hanging out in the 1st percent in height and 16% in weight, he remains my favorite short round person on the earth.

During this hectic time, our big one year old finally decided it might be a good time to learn how to scoot (not crawl, mind you) but figure out how to get from a to b. His method works and he loves his new found freedom. Favorite destinations are to his sound machine, any cord, a door to open and close or outside. I cannot decide if him learning to walk by the time the baby gets here would be a good or bad thing but my opinion thankfully doesn't matter. Our children are never in any hurry to master motor skills (Mary Kate walked at 16 months and 3 nervous mommy days).

and I'll end with this because it makes me swoon.

So, we head full swing into fall with the hope that we are enjoying football on our new screened porch this weekend with healthy parents, non teething babies (HOLY COW) and obedient toddlers. Tall orders around here but when I look out, really all I see are the immense and undeserved blessings. I see a beautiful new home, ready to accommodate any future surprises. I see a pregnancy getting closer and closer to a safe zone. I see two kids who I am learning to delight more in. I see a faithful, loyal, and grace giving husband and families who hold us up. I see true, deep friendships. And most days, I'm smart enough to see who this amazing gift giver really is.

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