Friday, June 18, 2010

Showered with love

I will add more photos as soon as my sister gets off her rump and emails them to me soon as I can but for now, something happy to follow the not so happy as of late. Want to feel like the most blessed woman in the world? Have 18 ladies drive to the boondocks to celebrate your child. It is a joy you can't imagine. It was also humbling because most of these same people were in that same house less than a year ago to celebrate a wedding shower, yet still choose to celebrate with us again. Let's just say that some special gals have major payback coming their way, or at least great Christmas gifts!

To the sweet women in my life- those who could come and those who couldn't, thank you for making me know that my child is already loved. I can't really describe the feeling. And to Rae Ann, who repeatedly opens her home and cleans her bathrooms to celebrate the goings on in her little brother's life, thank you. You are such a beautiful and gracious hostess- and one heck of a cook!

Lisa and Elizabeth- two of the cutest new mamas I know

Aunt Katie, Space, Weschler and Blair. Thanks to Space and Weschler for driving 2-3 hours to be here and to Blair and Weschler for making it twice in 9 months!!

Baby photos! Congrats to Elizabeth for getting them all right!

Thanks to mom and Katie for making the trek from Savannah for the 40th time this spring!

One small peek at Rae Ann's home and we know who gets the honor of hosting all Ninness family functions in Atlanta!

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