Thursday, June 24, 2010

You know you might be ready...

You know you might be ready to have a baby when...

  • the nurses at your hospital now all refer to you  as "big mama"
  • your mom calls 6 times a day (instead of 4) asking how her "babies" are
  • friends don't send your call to voicemail thinking it's baby time
  • your husband shakes his head every time he looks at your belly in disbelief that, yes, it got that big
  • your husband says "it's getting close!!" every morning on gchat
  • you cuss a lot more
  • the hospital bag has been packed and repacked, including one for husband so he has no excuse to run home and leave you alone with new creature
  • you know that by having hospital bags ready, you are adding 2 weeks of waiting
  • you are counting down the time in hours, not days, even though that's a whole lot of hours
  • you are trying every, every, every trick known to man to get labor started (well, minus eggplant parm- even thought Scalini's is 2 minutes from my house. No baby is worth eggplant parm, ick.)
  • you try to convince yourself that the last contraction was surely longer than 10 seconds
  • you pray every day for the health of your baby, knowing how blessed you are to have come this far
  • you pray every day for the patience to wait for the day that God has always known your baby would be born
  • you pray that the day God has decided your child would be born is not your brother's wedding day
  • you pray you will not have to stay in the hospital longer waiting on a name to put on the birth certificate
  • you say thank you to God with every kick and movement you feel, knowing baby is still okay
  • you refuse to look at the scale at the doctor's office and threaten the tech with bodily harm for any numbers announced, faces made or grunts expelled.
  • you are very tired of going to the doctor
  • you wonder "how low can you go"
  • you know that a tiny piece of the joy of meeting baby is because this means heartburn goes away and there get to be longer intervals between potty breaks
  • you know that another piece of that joy comes from being able to drink a whole beer (not just sneaking sips when  Katie  pregnancy police are not watching.
  • you will endure most anything to yet again be able to sleep on your stomach
  • you envision a tiny baby, with knees pulled under it's tummy, resting on your stomach, and smile big!
  • you pray, every, single, solitary, night in simple and complete thanksgiving.
Now Baby Ninness- let's get this party started!!! Mom and Dad are sooo ready to meet you (and sooo over being pregnant :)


  1. haha! first of all...i HATE eggplant parm. well, i drove to atl to that rest to eat it. almost puked with each and every bite, but still no baby. lou wasn't coming at all. in fact, even when we induced her she was still hanging on. stubborn from the get-go.

    also, i packed the hospital bag and never packed baby clothes! she wore the hospital shirt the entire time! oops.

    hang in there!!

  2. oh, and i almost coworkers at hospital would look at me and say, "ooooh gurl." and that started at 5 months. :)

  3. Add to this list..."you are making your office mate want to KILL YOU becuase you are so friggin' grumpy!"


  4. Yay! I cannot wait to hear about your little one. The best advice that I have to speed things along is walking - I walked around Lake Mayer and it made me go into labor too early. Then, when I came off of the medicine and was told that it was okay, I walked around Lake Mayer again, and he came the next day. Or convince yourself that it's not going to happen for a while, and he or she will decide to be ready. Good luck! Meg