Thursday, August 26, 2010

things I'd blog about if I had more than one hand with which to type:

Over the last few weeks, I have thought of many blog-worthy (to me) topics but MK is going through a growth spurt/can't sleep unless physically touching mom and hates bjorn and moby/cry when awake and not being held phase. And p.s. capitalizing takes too much time so that's going too. so here are the unedited, poorly phrased things i would have talked about this week had i had two hands.

  • why people blog- narcissism vs. need for community vs. outlet for sharing pain vs. ambulance chasing vs. online baby books vs. keeping in touch with family/friends
  • nathan deal. specifically his off-topic and hateful attack ads against Karen Handel and his general prejudices and bigotry.
  • why i think most prejudices and 'isms are caused by lack of exposure to people unfamiliar to us or different than us
  • hope: how parenthood seems to be one big roller coaster of days from hell followed by complete joy and the faith to know that the joy always follows the hell
  • how even though i love my child more than life, i sing hallelujah when her dad walks in and takes the leech precious babe from my arms
  • the absolute necessity of community/fellowship while enduring anything from  cancer to infertility to the terrible two's to life changes
  • why i think georgia power is the devil incarnate and my concern for people who cannot afford hundreds of dollars even though they keep their cotton pickin a/c on 78 or above
  • how i see God asking me to be more present and less distracted in everything from nursing my child to driving my car. p.s. we now have a no phone zone in the honda and it really does have more to do with how engaged I was in the phone conversation to be going faster than I ever have (as opposed to the speed limit) than it does the big FAT ticket I got on I-16.
  • how last night my child slept through the night. THROUGH THE NIGHT. and how aggravating it is to be awake, worrying about what could be wrong, instead of sleeping. and about how I sort of missed her during the night. i think they call that crazy love.
  • the many things I am praying about and the things I'd ask prayers for- including job opportunties, family relationships, and the wisdom to raise this little chicken into a faithful, strong woman.
  • my wonderful trip to savannah (minus the ticket) which included mk meeting her 3 second cousins, all born since January,  and her aunt Denise. more pics on that later (Denise- email them to me ;) but a few to start

having a talk with great- grandma (who looks adorable in her head band ;)

taking a bottle from cousin A and Aunt Mary

and just looking cute in her seer-sucker bubble!


  1. I would love to read a blog post about Nathan Deal. :)

    I don't think GP is the devil, though.

    Daddy coming home is a.l.w.a.y.s. a good thing!

    Yes, friends/community - a necessity. Thanks for always being such a good friend - and being able to rant about Nathan Deal for such a long time! ;)

    MK is a cutie pie. Just like her mama.

    See you soon.

  2. Love the ramblings. What a good read! Love your honesty. Being a mom is H-A-R-D! You seem to be pulling it off with grace. I held in my breakdown until Henry was about 6 months and in the middle of the night I laid on the bathroom floor and told Chris that I didn't think I could do this. Like a good spouse, he held me and told me he needed me. Once I got that out of my system we were on the up and up. Honesty is a freeing thing!

  3. Speeding ticket? seriously? so annoying!!

    I remember when T started sleeping through the night and I was so sad in a strange way. I LOVE those precious moments in the quiet of the me crazy! Enjoy them!

    MK I need you! See you soon sweet thing! (Tuesday?)

  4. Oh yeah and I am praying for job opportunities . . . IN ATHENS!!! We could have some SERIOUS community over here, I'm just saying...