Thursday, December 9, 2010

Five Fabulous Months

well...okay...maybe 2 fabulous months. The first 3 were kind of hellacious. But some things to remember about our girl this month~

  • you are leaps and bounds more fun than you used to be. You are waking up to the world so much more and are pure entertainment. THIS is what people meant when they assured me all those times that things would get better. Right they were.
  • we held off on rice cereal because mom is lazy, but are starting this weekend so your me-maw and aunt Katie can witness the momentous occasion. (I'm kind of nauseated even writing that but I guess the first time a kid tastes mush is important!)
  • you notice Monty more and more which is cute. He licks you for a split second and runs to his one ally in the house- dad. I can say that the best thing about that shedding, toilet paper eating, shedding, licking, jumping beast is that I know y'all will be best buds.
  • your attention span is notsofabulous and you grow bored with one of the 200 pieces of baby equipment we have. Hence the need for 200 pieces of baby equipment.
  • you are totally teething. This means three things. 1) aquafor is now bought in bulk for your chapped, drooled on face. 2) lansinoh is bought in bulk. nuff said. 3) the 8 weeks we had of you sleeping through the night are over. I do indeed hate teeth. I love your gummy smile and it can stay that way until you are 40 if you sleep through your achy gums.
  • you are still exclusively breastfeeding even though I can admit this is becoming a struggle- for a few reasons, the least of which is above. We'll keep trudging along though because you are growing great and, while it may not be related, you get over a cold in 24 hours and are healthy and active again (just in time for mom to have caught that cold that takes her 200 hours to get over)
  • your best "nap" of the day is now around 1pm and usually starts while we're driving home from whatever activity got mom out of the house for the day. While I love this nap, I almost think you contrive it. Because, see, I don't dare take you out of the car. So I leave you in there and either sit on the porch or do chores inside. The time with you asleep is great but going out to check on you every 10 minutes kind of defeats the purpose of that nap (lest you think it's for your own rest and growth- it's not. It's for mom's relaxation and sanity).
  • you are opinionated (don't blame me. I'm sure it's not from your genes since everycottonpickingpersoninbothmomanddad'sfamily has the same "problem." But like I've said before, I kind of like having a daughter who will be assertive and sure of what she wants.
  • this 'opinionatedness' got you kicked out of MOPS childcare this week. Your first school expulsion. How cute! Now, a little background here. Mom is the coordinator for childcare for all the mothers of preschoolers meetings. One of the workers called out sick so I told the remaining workers not to hesitate to come get a mom if one of the babes was just not having a good day. The first (and only) mom to be called out?? Yep, that's me. Punk.
  • You are now rolling over every which way. I'm glad I finally realized you can easily roll from back to front and have stopped coming to get you when you scream during your nap from flipping yourself over to your back. You shouldn't have let me in on the secret that you are perfectly capable of getting back to your tummy. Game over kid.
  • You still love dad- and I don't just say that because every mom is supposed to affirm the dad and all. You love the guy and smile and smile at him. This is especially cute when I have complained that you have fussed from 4-6:30 and then you smile from 6:30 (when he gets home) until bed, making mom look like a drama queen.
  • Your 1st Christmas is approaching and I'll admit that with the cold you gave me and the business of life, I was tempted to get a table top pink tree and be done with it. I didn't (because your aunt Roo would murder me) but we are excited to celebrate the season with you. I'm proud to say that our tree is not yet up but our advent wreath is sittin' pretty. I sooo look forward to the coming years of making Christmas all about Jesus for you and celebrating his big birthday with you.
  • I'm sure there's more but the fed ex man just left something on the porch and I need to go outside before he calls DFCS about the baby in the car. I will just leave it on this note kid- never, ever, ever question God's plan for your life. Because what He will give you will be far and away better than any plan you could have for yourself. I couldn't have dreamed a more perfect child for me and couldn't have dreamed I could ever, ever love a non-napping, biting, poopy, drooly little chicken more.
Some photos from your 5th month~~


  1. i love her. i remember a blog in which you commented and asked for a precocious little child just like my lou. well...i think you may have her. only which further implements the whole genetic thing, strong kiddos come from strong moms. :)

    a lady told me the other day that while as a toddler and a teenager having a strong-willed girl may be rough, but think about how proud i will be watching her grow into a strong, powerful and independent woman. i couldn't have asked for anything more perfect. i think this applies to you too.

  2. mary kate you are soooo precious!!!