Saturday, January 8, 2011

the more you do it...

I have a belief- the more you do it, the more you do it.  The less you do it, the less you do it. What is it, you ask? Well, any number of things. Exercise, reading, staying in touch with a friend, communicating with your partner, having a quiet time. Profound? Maybe not, but so true with me. I am a creature of momentum, an all or nothing kind of girl. Digging deeper, I'm sure it has to do with the fact that all kinds of goodness come from exercise, reading, talking with a friend, investing in my marriage, and this goodness makes me want to keep going. I could get all social worky and talk about the less you do it in terms of addiction or gossip, any ole bad habit. Once it finds its way out of your routine, it is easier to keep it gone (whether it is a good or bad thing). Anyway, lest you think I am putting another overly self-reflective, neurotic post here, I am talking about the blog. I've gone a few weeks without writing and kind of don't know where to start. So, just to get the words flowing again, I'll cop out do what every "blogger" does when a writer's block comes and just make a list. Since I bailed on a Christmas post (it was beyond awesome, p.s.) we'll just recap some of the greatness of 2010.

  •  passed my LCSW exam and became a licensed clinical social worker, a goal since graduating 6 years ago
  • took a little "baby moon" to Naples with my husband. Awesome trip
  • took a girls trip to the beach with my college best friends. awesome trip numero dos.
  • read The Help, now with a cult following and worth every devotee. Amazing book.
  • experienced pregancy for the first time. never going to be the girl who enjoys being pregnant all the time, but nonetheless so, so thankful to be able to have a baby
  • A life long dream came true and now, six months after it happened, I am totally digging this new life. As in, can't believe how awesome this is. As my dad used to say 'my butt was on my shoulders' for awhile there, and my kid didn't sleep and ate every 32 minutes, so I wasn't enjoying it much. Nooow I know why people do this willingly.
  • Became a stay-at-home mom. holy life change. In some ways, this transition was harder than becoming a mama. But I am finally (see above) removing my butt  from my shoulders and opening my heart to what God wants to do in this season of my life.
  • welcomed my brother and dad home from the middle east. Now both having finished their second deployments and watching my bff mourn losses of her friends, I am all the more aware of how lucky we are to have them both home and healthy.
  • took my 5 day old to Savannah to watch my brother's church wedding. After hemming and hawing over whether or not to go, me, my two favorite people and my percocet made the trip. My husband finally convinced us to go, knowing I'd be a post-partum, hormonal, more crazy than normal mess if we missed it. Plus, my brother is so awesome y'all. Truly- he's fantastic and he gave up his vacation and came from halfway around the world for my wedding.  Pay back was painful, but oh so worth it.
  • attended and spoke at a diocesan college student retreat with Ross. This put the little spark of passion back in me for high school and college student ministry and I am excited to see how God will use that spark to annoy hopefully encourage folks in the future.
  • Baptised our baby in what had to be the most chaotic, rushed, loud (thank you Mary Kate) ceremony ever, but nonetheless, my favorite priests welcomed my favorite girl into the church I love so it was a success. Followed that with a beach trip with the family Ninness. While I don't know that an 8-week-old and a baby mix, it was a great vacation
  • celebrated my one year anniversary with my husband at arguably the best meal I've ever had at Alfredo's. Go there for the best italian on earth. Don't be surprised if you sit next to Don Corleone. Seriously.
  • Celebrated our first Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family of 3. I may or may not have cried at random intervals in gratitude that this really is my life.

    Stay tuned for a mushy, only for the grandmothers post on 6 months with my daughter tomorrow. A few photos from Christmas ( Bad mama did not take many photos, hence my resorting to posting Christmas morning/no makeup photos. nice.)

    hanging out with brother in front of the unfinished tree
  • checking out ornaments with aunt roo
    Christmas morning with mommy
    everyone sleepy except MK who was bright and happy at 3 am. (note poor Ross's face from falling on ice during the ice storm a few weeks ago )
    helping great-grandma and me-maw wash dishes.

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