Monday, January 24, 2011

Portrait of a Day

January 23, 2010. Also known as Katie Sullivan's 21st birthday. But in casa Ninness, just another glorious day.

6:30 am. Wake up in the guest bed. No, not a fight with my husband, just a desperate attempt to sleep more than 3 hours without interruption. Husband agreed to do early morning feeding for MK so I could sleep in. Baby did not wake me up.  The consequences of forgetting nursing pads did. Loovely. Of course, since I was already awake, baby slept until 7 and I figured I might as well feed her in her preferred manner and not have husband get up unnecessarily.

7:30 am. MK having normal morning play time in bed with Dad and Monty. Mom is "making" MK's lunch courtesy of my best friend Medela (who I am growing a little tired of, p.s.)

8:30am. Take 200 pictures of MK holding b-day sign for Aunt Roo. One remotely works. The other 199 have her trying to eat the sign.

8:45-9am, wash face, brush teeth, dress baby, put on two different earrings and a semi-matching outfit. Note lack of shower.

9-10:30. Lovely Mass though no clue what was said or what scriptures were read. Did leave with a years supply of mum-mums on my nice pants. So there's that. Re-connected with two old gift of grace friends and excited to spend time with them again soon.

11:00-12:15. Baby asleep in car, breakfast made for mom and dad. Dad vacuums. 2 points for mom.

12:15-1:30- play with baby, feed baby, wipe pear of MAMA's face, listen to MK scream as I refuse to let her gag herself with her spoon.

2:00- take baby to target (read: stupid.mama.). Quickly realize baby is STILL allergic to target. Despite having a bjorn and floppy seat, I carry baby on hip. Nice target lady removes mum-mum from my hair. A second nice lady says 'oh, sad, you have a paint splatter on your uggs. I would Diiiie if anything happened to my uggs.  "No, ma'am. That's not paint. It's spit up." Lady pretends to faint.

3:00- after 2 packages of mum-mums consumed and a child already emotionally eating, leave target. Drive around the parking lot for 20 minutes purposely hitting all the speed bumps to put baby to sleep.

3:30- success.

3:45- home. Husband looks at me, mentally surmising what the heck his wife wore OUT of the house and teasing me for my fountain diet coke (number 3 of the day).

4:00- start reading for MOPS steering bible study tonight. Read something I want to memorize and repeat to my daughter every day (and husband, per his request).
Isaiah 54:10- "Though the mountains be shaken and hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed, says the Lord, who has compassion on you."   The book, Tender Mercy for a Mother's Soul, asks me as a mom to know this is how the Lord feels about me. But we all know how successful I am about believing how the Lord feels about me. We'll work on that later.

5:00- start to blog. Instead of reading for bible study.  Question how narcissitic this blog can be sometimes, cringe, and press post anyway.

Happy Birthday to my favorite baby sister in the world. You are amazing. And you clearly deserve more than a pic of your niece holding a sign. Can't wait to celebrate in the mountains with you soon!!

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  1. what i wouldn't give for a fountain diet coke right now. yep, at 11:15 at night. but you know as well as i do that i won't be sleeping tonight. right now i am just trying to figure out why i am still varmiting and figuring if i need to get up and pack a bag between contractions or not. nah - rather just catch up on blogs...we all know as soon as i think they get regular - they quit. BBN mommy needs to do a few loads of laundry first. thanks.