Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eight Months

Dear Mary Kate,

If I had to use one word to describe you this month, it would be BUSY. Lady friend, you are on the go with people to see, things to do, stuff to shove in your mouth. You have earned yourself some extra naptime nursing because it's the only time your little body is still enough for me to rock and hold my growing baby. Today I looked down at you, finally asleep in my arms and rocked and rocked. I ignored my phone telling me I had a 9:30 call and stared at you, trying to soak up every bit of you.

This weekend we went to Greenville to celebrate your Busia's 64th birthday. While you are hardly the ideal dinner date, you looked beautiful in your ballerina smocked dress and you made your grandparents very proud. While we were there, I was changing you into your pj's and for a few minutes you had on just a white onesie. Is there anything cuter in the world than a baby in just a white onesie? I don't think so. I "held" you (as in, held onto you while you squirmed your way out of my arms) and looked in the mirror. I thought, I had this fussy, non-napping, nocturnal newborn, and now I have this little PERSON. You didn't stop at 'baby-hood' for me. You have your own (aptly expressed) opinions, desires, wants and needs. This month, you turned into your own little being. And while I do not want to label you this early, I will say that we see the beginnings of a fiercly independent (perhaps stubborn and willful) , active, adventurous little girl. I am both immensely proud of that budding person and sad that I only got a teeny, tiny glimpse of baby life with you. Someone (aside from the 2,000 people who tried) should have told me how fast it goes.

So, little person you, a few things about you from month 7-8.
  • since your inaugural tooth on January 29th, you have gotten 3 more. Dad thinks you look like a cartoon character with your bottom and top two teeth- the top with a cute little gap in between.
  • teething is not my favorite stage (insert DUH). You are a loud vocal, opinionated little gal on a good day. On a teething day, mommy purchases wine by the box.
  • You are 'crawling' everywhere. While not on all 4's all at one time, you army crawl and scoot yourself toward anything that does not resemble a toy. Examples include our blackberrys (your fav), my pump, the computer, the remotes, or Monty boy. Note to grandparents, save your cash. Toys keep her attention for about 3 minutes.
  • You know what you want and you know how to let us know if you are not getting it. For example, when the bottle is finished or I am finished feeding you, you get very upset that there is no longer milk flowing into your lips. You cry like your feelings are truly hurt that we should be such awful people. Not gonna lie, it's funny.
  • You have just started really using sounds and 'babababa' is our first. Despite dad and I both trying to make that into 'dadada', B it is. You make this funny face with your mouth, tucking your bottom lip way in so your top lip looks like a beak.
  • You eat. everything. While you don't inhale mom's peas or carrots, you still eat them. You inhale most everything else. You are either getting 10 more teeth or are the most orally fixated child on earth because unless you are truly exhausted, food in your hands saves the day. Hence the box of mum-mums that stay in the car and the containers of puffs in my purse, in the cabinet, in the car and in the bathroom (mom showers, you eat puffs).
  • You have your first BFF. You get to see sweet Joy Elizabeth almost every day and when you see her, you kick your legs and smile at her. She smiles back and you guys are really cute together. Her mom and I think you guys talk about fun things like skipping naps, not pooping (sorry), and general ways to make the mommies go nuts. I hope you this is the start of a lifetime of best girlfriends.
  • Your legs are super strong and we get through many Masses by letting you stand up and look over the back of the pew at whomever is lucky enough to sit behind us. I hate that you are a distraction but you usually throw them some big smiles so I'm cool with it.
  • You're still not a big tv watcher, despite getting excited when I turn the TV on in the mornings. This is probably a good thing because this lazy mama might take too much advantage if you loved it. It buys me 5-10 minutes once or twice a day and for that little bit, I'm thankful.
  • Traveling still stinks. Sorry kid, but oh how much I detest traveling with you. And had your memaw not bought you a beautiful claddagh dress for St. Patrick's day, we would not be traveling to Savannah again next week. However, I can't let that beautiful dress go to waste or break your memaws heart,  so we are making one last roadtrip to celebrate St.Patrick next week. And after that, we are parking the car. (Good thing since gas is $3.50 a gallon?!?). I am excited that after next week, I will not have to endure you in the car for the foreseeable future.
  • Your 8 month birthday fell on Ash Wednesday. I wouldn't mind dad writing a guest post about his time with you in Mass (hint hint Ross). We met mom's old roommate (and the gal who introduced mom and dad) Becca at Christ the King (along with 20,000 other people. holy moly.) We sat in the overflow room in the back row of chairs. Dad walked in and you were done. You beamed at him and you were in his arms for most of Mass. I didn't even have to break out the puffs, you were so happy with dad. Melt your mama kid. Dad said that there was an elderly usher standing behind us that you kept smiling at, maybe because he resembled your granddaddy. According to dad, the gentleman talked to him after Mass and was quite taken with the little firecracker smiling at him through Mass. Dad and I agreed, as I've said before, that watching you bring joy to someone else is probably the best thing about parenting you. It wasn't the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last time but you made your daddy so, so proud.
So happy 8 months to my precious, precious gift  from God. Every cliche is true. Time flies. The love grows bigger each day. Each new stage is my favorite. I could have never imagined I could love you so much.

Some photos of your 8th month, m'love.
Your first ashes on your 8 month birthday, and a shot of those chompers
hanging out with granddaddy after the Irish Festival in Savannah

love this sleep position, and those crossed ankles :)

I love you little gal. so much. love mom


  1. She is so pretty Keri! Happy 8 months of Mary Kate!

  2. sweet post keri! we are going to be in savannah on st. patrick's day too (hannah's first). we should try to meet up for a second and introduce our girls! let me know where y'all set up camp.

  3. She is so beautiful!! Growing up fast, can't believe she is "crawling"

  4. So wonderful! She is a blessing... to you and us! We love MK!

  5. I love that her first try at chatting it up starts with 'B' and that she already has a best friend. Coincidence? I think is good! Love to all -