Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i got nothin'

We are definitely in a blogging slump at Casa Ninness these days. A mobile almost 9-month-old + heavy work week+mops consignment sale has equaled very little downtime. I have some blogs brewing so hopefully more substance will come soon. Until then, just some quick thoughts on life these days. Riveting, I know.

  • the other morning, Mary Kate got up on all fours, looked straight at her daddy still asleep in our bed and yells, "dada!" To be fair, it's one of 3 words in her daily vocabulary but it sure as heck looked like she knew what she was saying.
  • I have met most of my cultural care families and au pairs and I can say that I am loving this. The au pairs are fantastic young women, so fun and vivacious. And the families are unique and wonderful. So far, so good on the part-time work front.
  • As stupid as it is to utter these words out loud, I feel like I am totally getting this motherhood deal. It took me a lot longer than I arrogantly anticipated, but I love it. Almost every minute of it. The other day, Mary Kate started to turn into a 5:00 pumpkin and I turned on music and danced around the house with her. She laughed at her ridiculous mother and I was proud of stepping out of the box and just enjoying my kid. I stopped and whispered thank you to God and my husband for being able to be home to enjoy that very moment.
  • We are so excited about the summer and fall. In two weeks I'll venture out for my first night away from the gremlin to celebrate a fabulous gal's upcoming wedding. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about leaving the babe but I know how ridiculous that sounds and trust me, I'm way more excited than nervous.
  • Flights and hotel are booked for that same gal's wedding weekend in Florida. Thank goodness for friends getting married giving us an excuse to take a vacation. I am MUCH more nervous about leaving MK for those three days but after seeing our hotel and ordering a fun sundress yesterday, giddiness is making gains on nervousness.
  • Really, really awesome things are happening in some of my best friends' lives. One is going back to nursing school to prepare for long-term overseas missions. The other should be in Africa at the end of the year. Another is getting to start her new life in one of my all-time favorite cities. Another is in looooove and another is getting a new baby boy this summer. Another turns the big 3-0 tomorrow and I might leave Mary Kate with Monty to drive to Chattanooga to see her.
  • MOPS has quickly invaded my life and I couldn't be happier. As I take on more responsibility there, I am so excited about the opportunity to really serve the women of Smyrna, Mableton, Vinings (and a few stragglers from east cobb and Atlanta :) I have not forgotten the deep breath I finally took on my first day there and how it profoundly changed my outlook on motherhood and staying at home.
  • There has been lots o' talk around here about baby Ninness number 2. Don't choke. We are not pregnant. But we have talked lots about our faith, how much we trust God's picture of our family, how much our own selfishness plays into our plan, etc, etc. I am thankful for a faith that encourages these discussions often and for a God that promises to care for us no matter what that picture looks like.
  • I have recently started Mom's One Line a Day. It's a beautiful little book that helps you quickly journal your babe's life. The best part is that each day has 5 years on it (20_, 20_, 20_) for the year. I know I will treasure looking back and seeing what MK was doing March 30th of 2011, 2012, etc).  I am AWFUL at routines so the fact that I'm only 2 days behind on this shows its value. Give this to yourself for mother's day!
  • If MK wakes up in time today, we are doing an easter egg hunt at a local nursing home. Having spent lots of time in nursing homes with hospice patients in high school, I so look forward to bringing my smiley (hopefully) girl to these precious people.
  • I was talking to a friend this morning about the financial impact of having a baby. I know it will get much more intense, but right now, I really haven't felt any change in our lives after baby and loss of a my big ole fat social work income. Other than wanting a bigger home that no one is getting right now, I don't feel deprived. Hands down Ross and I attribute this to the very hard discussions we had during Pre-Cana. Throw in some coupons here and there and pulling some Dave Ramsey ideas that work for us, we are making it. I truly believe that "the less you have, the less you need, the more you have, the more you need." Maybe not true for everyone but for us, unless I go gallavating around Phipps (bad idea), I am okay (for the time being :)
  • I have four pair of yoga pants in the washing machine right now. That is pathetic. Even more pathetic, the number of them still in my drawer. Maybe I should up the ante on what "getting dressed" means over here to be more than shower, toothbrush and lip gloss."
  • Thanks to Faith and Family Live, I have two books on their way and one recently zapped into my kindle. Mary Kate has promised 2 long naps a day so mama can get inspired.
  • Lent is halfway over and while we definitely need to raise the bar in this house, I do feel the sacrifies more this year and am relatively happy with the connection between what I miss and why I am choosing to miss it. Plus I feel like taking small children to Mass alone during the week means I get a free pass to Heaven.
  • We are watching some of Braves spring training and are so excited for this baseball season. It's the one sport I can watch and enjoy with Ross. See below for MK's opinion!  
Okay- that's plenty of narcissim for one day. Just a few photos that may be repeats but they make me laugh.

Maybe this year MK will be more excited about our Braves!!


  1. keri - like the post. real. blogging can control us if we let it. sounds like you have some good things going on. i love the dancing around the house and the yoga pants. xoxo.

  2. I LOVE the picture of MK in Graham's shopping cart. So cute. LOVE YOU!

  3. I was reading the part about your friends, trying to figure out who everyone was and I totally missed the one about me "having a baby boy this summer" - started thinking about all of your friends and who could that possibly be? Guess it hasn't sunk in yet :)