Tuesday, August 9, 2011

13 months

My sweet girl,

This month has been big. You are on the cusp of lots of new adventures like walking, talking and an increased ability to tell us what you want (and what you don't!) I feel like each day I wake up, there is something new about you. I love it. I love you. Every little bit of feisty little you. So, my girl, this month...

 you are slowly deciding you might like to walk. You let Sister try to help you. (when we make it to Mass at 7am on a Monday, we go in your mismatched pj's!)

 You took time to stop and smell the pretty pink flowers.

 You went to the beach with your cousins and loved playing with them

 and letting them chase you around.

 After lots of time with cousins, you took a rest on Pops.

 You got pretty in your mermaid bubble for a dinner out (one where your behavior was questionable m'dear)

 You learned about elephants from Henry and Uncle Steve

 and let the boys watch your favorite Baby Einstein movie with you.

You practiced some more walking on your 13 month birthday and let Monty watch.

and then you sat with dad and Monty for a bit.

Today, on this 13th month since that joyous, perfect July day, I am more thankful than ever for you. If you never walk or never say mama or never sleep past 6:30 am, I will still love you more than anything in the world. You are a gem, sweet girl. A pure gem.
Love, Mama (pronounced maaaammmaaaaa)


  1. I love her smile on the family photo of y'all! She is gorgeous Keri:)