Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bad for my training, Good for my soul

As the big race approaches, the girl and I took advantage of the gorgeous morning weather in Atlanta today. I can't say I felt up for running but I've got a training schedule to keep and a baby who needs to get worn out in the am as I hang on for dear life to this morning nap. Sweet girl is much more aware of her surroundings these days and this "run" was pure happiness for her.  She loves seeing the dogs and points and squeals each time. Despite knowing we'd see another one in 50 feet or so, a few times I stopped to regain oxygen supply let her pet a little puppy or see one that looked like Monty up close. She clapped in delight and I breathed again. On the back end of the run, along the river, I noticed a crazy number of ducks in the water. Again needing oxygen, I knew MK would love to see all these animals. We carefully walked down to the edge of the water and she waved 'hi' and blew kisses, all unprompted, to the hundreds of ducks. I couldn't help but laugh at the little creatures. They picked at each other's backs with their beaks, chased each other, dove under water, literally shook their tail feathers and played in the water. It was a great show for MK and a reminder for her mama to stop and really, really notice the nature around me.  It's no secret that her dad is the nature lover in the family, but it felt wonderful to see the world through my child's eyes. We will be back to the river soon. Maybe I'll have a little more discipline and we'll wait until the run is over to stop and take in the beauty around us. But maybe we won't. Maybe I'll crawl to the finish line on November 5th. And if I do, that will be okay. I am loving running with my girl and seeing her world. It is a beautiful, beautiful world.

second time to stop and see the ducks on our way out (mom's run not so good today!)
*and yes, as I've said before, if we are out of the house by 7:30 am, only one of us is guaranteed to not be in pj's**

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