Monday, October 17, 2011

Help a girl out

Hey y'all,

If you are friends with me on facebook, I will send some ginger ale your way to handle the nausea I am causing you. So, here's the deal. Amidst training for this God-awful half-marathon, I have discovered that on some days of the week, I actually enjoy running. Well, let's clarify. I enjoy doing something I never imagined I could do. I enjoy talking about running to "runners" (not to be confused with me). I enjoy the comraderie of my running group. The actual "running" part, I can sometimes do without.

I can also do without MK's squaking during runs. About mile 2, she grows annoyed with our jogger and makes the rest of the run not so pleasant. We were gifted with a wonderful jogger used by a friend for her two growing kids. Between our two families and three kids, we have worn it slap out and it is admittedly not very comfortable anymore, reclines too far for my curious babe and doesn't have any of the bells and whistles that might make her chill the heck out. (one can hope)

Enter my friends at Just For Baby in Savannah. Life-long friends own this store and the whole family helps run it. I joke that I have either babysat for, dated, or gone to school with each of the Gaudry cousins. It is a wonderful gift of a store to Savannah's little ones and now they are giving a great gift away. On 10/29, they are giving away the GOLD CROWN of jog strollers. Those of you with a BOB will all attest to its overall awesomeness. Much to my husband's eternal appreciation, I am too cheap financially responsible to purchase one when we have a jogger, albeit one on its last tire :)

So Just For Baby is giving one away to the person whose recommendation on their facebook page gets the most "likes." Will you pretty, pretty please go to their facebook page!/pages/Just-for-Baby-and-More/109330402438129 and on the right side is their recommendations. Scroll down to see mine and press the thumbs up button.

I am way out of my comfort zone asking for this but, as I said, have found that I really do enjoy getting out for a jog. If I don't win, we will happily and gratefully keep our old baby trend and MK can just learn to deal. I'll put the money I didn't spend on a BOB into better ear plugs :)

Thanks friends!
Help this be me (maybe the calves come with the stroller...)

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