Monday, October 31, 2011

Picture Man

Didn't you love the picture man in college? Oh the money I spent on photos and I couldn't tell you where they were now if my life depended on it. How does picture man make money now with everything digital? Anywho, I am the picture man in my house and since I haven't had much of a writing bug lately, here are some photos of Ninness life and my double chinned little Dorothy to make you smile today.

At trunk or treat with cousins Ashley and Alyse

this child loooves her some big kids!

a rare photo of mom and dad

yet another photo of Sister Brunetta and MK donning her pj's. Sister probably thinks we don't buy the child clothes.

bad glare but no denying the joy as the big girls walked her around to trick or treat. The big girls had clear instructions on what mommy Dorothy liked.

There was dj playing techno music. MK was ROCKING it out, waving her arms and bouncing. She gets her mad dancing skills from her daddy. This may help me in the "keep the boys away" quest.

Happy to walk hand in hand with dad. Solo, notsomuch. (can we please note the chubby legs!!)

And a last note to my daughter:
Dear precious, "do things on your own time child," after trunk or treat yesterday, I realized that mama's stash is severely compromised by your refusal  inability to walk. Can you please stop being stubborn for a half a millisecond and learn to walk so we can make it to more than two houses tonight. Thanks.
love mom.


  1. Keri, Jenn D told me a man at the store told her a while back, "We want them to walk and talk so badly, and then the rest of their lives, all we want them to do it sit down and shut up." So very true...

  2. PS - very cute pics. I hope to see MK and you soon!