Friday, December 2, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

As much as I feel like posting random thoughts is (for me) self-serving, random and kind of a cop out, I (a.) love reading quick takes posts by other people and (b.) have about a 2% chance of putting together a cohesive, coherent post that doesn't separate itself with bullets or numbers. Blame it on the kid. and the dog. and the house. and the job. and

--- 2 ---

I blogged a few weeks back about having had one of those days. Today was another one. The toddler child has a nasty cough and perpetually running green nose. She is miserable and in the way of her mother all toddlers, the whole world needs to be aware of her misery. At one point, I was forgetting that she was sick and not just a heinous little creature so I put her in her room crying and closed the door. I then brushed my teeth, put on real clothes (that my husband laughed at when he came home for lunch) and applied some old, clumpy mascara. By the time I was finished, she was happy again and dad was home to help with an unsuccessful Christmas card attempt.  Feeling my patience wane with toddler creature and my husband's chuckle at my outfit and our inability to get a danged photo, I left MK with Ross and ran errands while he spent his lunch break with a happy, smiley child. Ross has been suggesting I run errands during his lunch break for a long time, happy to have some one on one time with his (always for him) happy child. HAD I KNOWN?! In the span of an hour, two dear friends took an errand off my plate (thank you Cristy and Natalie!), I went to the bank, Barnes and Noble, the gas station and McDonalds, all by myself. It was glorious and I am kicking myself for waiting so long to enjoy mundane errands and a large sweet tea and chocolate chip cookie all by myself. I came home re-energized and was smart enough to recognize the bone God threw me in friends helping and husband taking a turn at child-rearing. The scripture "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me" ran through my head all morning. So, so true.

--- 3 ---

I am having a hard time getting in to the Christmas spirit. We have an advent wreath out and a couple of nativity scenes but I cannot get it in me to go buy a tree and decorate it. (Yes, a fake, pre-lit tree is in our future but cheapie here insists on waiting until after Christmas to buy it.) I just know that the second that tree is up, I will spend the better part of my days keeping doggie and baby away from it. And no, I don't have one of those oh so attractive gates to surround it. And no, we can't go buy one. See number 4.

--- 4 ---

I wrecked our new (to us) car. By complete accident, as in not on the phone or throwing a cracker at MK, I pulled out of a parking spot turning instead of straight back. I fought the pole and the pole won, to the tune of a few thousand dollars. Looovely. Now with the deductible and looming premium increase, I have put the kabosh on any unnecessary spending, holiday decor included. So, how to get all Christmas-y feeling with no decor budget and kind of a scroogy approach to a tree. Thoughts?

--- 5 ---

My husband. He is a big, huge, lovely old grace giver. He was upset for a few minutes about the car. And he has yet to look at it. But he has been a gem. Trusting my ability to handle such issues, he is standing back and is simply making himself available for advice if needed. The lesson for me: return the favor. I, put simply, SUCK at giving grace to my husband. Ask him how many times I have slid in a comment about his lost wedding ring or him getting us semi-lost in the Texas wilderness. It's not pretty. God has given me a tangible example of what grace looks like, I'm sure in hopes that I will model it. I really plan to do better in this area.
--- 6 ---

Holidays part one: SUCCESS! My fears about MK's sleeping and traveling were completely assauged. Despite a good bit of car screaming (totally normal), we had a really lovely trip to Greenville for Thankgsiving. She was worn slap out by grandparent and aunt and cousin love and napped easily each day. God totally answered my prayers in giving me some time to really enjoy our family and not be stressed about wild child. I am much more hopeful for a seamless Christmas holiday now.

--- 7 ---

I miss my old job this week. I love being home with MK and enjoy my part time work but I miss feeling important. I know, I know, staying at home with a babe is important.  But oh how long and tedious the days can be. Ross comes home and is all smiles and MK morphs into an angel and he can't see why the days are hard. I am happy for them that they get that sweet time and work hard to have most of the baby chores completed so they can have that special time together. While I miss those (mostly) fulfilling days as a social worker, I also know that I likely could not have done both jobs well. I am thankful that with some sacrifices, I don't have to worry that a sick patient or my precious girl got less than they deserved.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I'm ALSO waiting for a tree to go on sale AFTER Christmas! #1 - Our babies won't know the difference this year. #2 - Our husbands surely appreciate our frugality. #3 - The lack of full decor (for the first year ever) is causing me to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas every time I start to whine to myself about not having a tree up.

    I'm really sorry about your car. I've done that same. exact. thing.