Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Card Traditions

This time of year, one of my favorite places to be is the mailbox. Like may of us, I love the arrival of a Christmas Card from a friend or family member. I look forward to seeing my grandmother's handwriting and her "I love you so very much." I look forward to seeing my friends' children in all their preciousness. I love remembering the year I helped my friend Kellie take Christmas Card pictures and she ended up needing a "Naughty" picture because Annie would not cooperate (seeing as we do not yet have a Christmas card photo ready, we may also have to go with a naughty pic.) We don't have the best method of displaying these sweet cards because my husband vetoes all my displays, but I am working on some ideas. I will say that last year we started a tradition that I simply love.

Thanks to an idea I got from mops, our pictures come down after Christmas and go into a pile in our bedside table. Last year, each night we pulled a card and we prayed for that family. We prayed for all their hopes, dreams and that God would answer their prayers. For some, we prayed for our relationships with them and for others, we simply gave thanks for the people they are. While we all have our Christmas card lists, Ross and I still felt special to be included in others' lists and felt that this was a small way we could repay their thoughtfulness.

As I looked for cards this year, I kept going back to the adorable Tiny Prints cards. I have enjoyed others' cards from this cute company and am excited to use them for our currently un-taken photo. A few favs...

go here for this cute card

and here for this sweet card

and oh how I wish MK would cooperate for a pic like this!

Happy Card Sending!

Much love sent your way as these amazing holidays begin!

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