Friday, November 16, 2012

Variety is clearly not the spice of life. 7 quick takes. again.

--- 1 ---
I so need to come up with my own material and stop piggy backing on poor Jen over there at Conversion Diary but to be fair, some of these were things I would have morphed into a post if I had time or two available hands.
--- 2 ---
Speaking of available hands, I almost always have one, if I'm lucky. My presh boy likes to be held and is dern adamant that I not trick him with sling or moby or bjorn or ergo. I know I will miss the days when he is most happy feeling my skin against his little face but man, somebody's gotta do laundry around here. Though I'm starting to think that should be Ross. He does 88.9% of the housework anyway but when I left for work the other night, he FOLDED 3 loads of laundry and by folded I mean, actually folded. Nicely, neatly, kind of perfectly. Honey, you are sooo much better at that than I am (being that you actually removed the laundry from the dryer instead of simply picking out needed item piece by piece). You're hired!
--- 3 ---
On a totally unrelated note, I wanted to blog earlier in the week about a lady at Mass Sunday. For whatever reason, the 9:00 Mass has exploded into a packed out house, complete with a children's choir every week, unannounced children's performances and a nursery at capacity. We don't know what's up but we miss the ole days when the 10:30 got all the crazy. Anyway, we got there early so MK got a coveted spot in nursery and all the angels rejoice. In front of us sat a precious lady, probably 70, 75 years old, heavyset with beautiful gray hair wrapped in a french twist. She wore a cardigan over her shoulders and just screamed sweetness. She was sitting when a family of 6, including twin toddlers, tried to squeeze in the pew in a space meant for 2 people, max. Instead of doing as I would have done, which is step out so as not to be TRAPPED in the middle with banshee family, she SCOOTED OVER! She let them have the coveted, easy exit aisle seat. She even smiled at them as the kids had their meltdowns (in fairness, they were pretty good. But even perfet toddlers are still toddlers and there were 2 of them with 2 big brothers!) She smiled when she got bumped and pushed and when she picked up sippy cup after goldfish cup off the floor. That lady exuded grace. And she made me feel like a jack behind for getting annoyed at the kids and the sound system and the packed house that was cramping my mass style. I hope I'm just like her when I grow up.
--- 4 ---
On another unrelated note (whoever said these things had to transition anyway?), I got a text from my friend Anna today saying Congrats! I thought she texted the wrong person but low and behold, I had won a giveaway on Sherri's blog. Sherri is transitioning from real estate guru to personal stylist with Edit.  The Edit team is led by Lauren who I knew from college.  They are masters in the personal styling world. Sherri, who was also an ADPi, has joined their team and as a part of her hazing, she is coming to my closet to put together outfits from what I already own. Yeah, she'll regret this giveaway for sure. She asked for comments on how we'd describe our current style. My answers "coveredinbabyspitup" or "easytopopoutaboob." I'll be sure to report back whatever magic she works in my repetoire of boring and boringer.

--- 5 ---
We are heading to Athens tomorrow and I am muy muy muy excited. I get to tailgate, eat bad food, feel all the gameday excitement that I love, and then, here's the kicker, go
HOME (to Elizabeth's home), put my babies down and have girl talk while Ross goes to the game. If you know me at all, this is the perfect combo. I am sooo in need of some hometown love (e is from savannah) and in need of feeling normal again, even if it means schlepping the gremlins all over Athens. Ross even said MK could wear bulldog attire. As if I weren't going to sneak it on her anyway. Prob won't press my luck with Thomas though.

and yes, DEAR, I know I'm not the best fan in the world but our kids look dang cute in Jawja outfits.
just realized she's holding a knife. lovely. 

--- 6 ---
Ross caught me re-reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and asked me how many times I was going to read it, as well as Moms on Call and The Happiest Baby on the Block. You didn't think you'd escape without a sleep post, did you?? I informed him that I would keep re-reading until I figured out the magic formula. Then I will share all my miracle findings with sweet Frances and there will be at least 2 less crazy mamas on the planet. We are making progress but it's 2 steps forward, one giant jump backward. To my dear friends Ashley, Joan, Ali and all the other sleep deprived women of the world, I truly am praying for you. It ain't easy raising up these future nobel peace prize winners, I tell ya.

--- 7 ---
Thanks to an extra pair of hands from my sister-in-law, I took the kids to see Santa at Phipps. I am not in the "must make this a family tradition every year" camp but I am in the "have an appointment in early November and escape the long lines" camp. Rae Ann sweetly agreed to come with and walked MK around so she wouldn't see the kids in front of us screaming. She did pretty well considering she walked up and said "no santa, no santa." I am still figuring out what "santa" looks like in our family. I don't want my kid to be the odd kid out who doesn't even know who the big bearded man is, but I really do want this to be a spiritual, meaningful season while fun and exciting. We'll figure it out as we go along and I know I'll always love these photos that so capture this season.
perfectly captures life right now

having to hold MK's hand down from pulling at her lip. She licks it instead. Lord help me.

it looks so sweet but I imagine Santa is saying "please don't scream. please don't scream."
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  1. Love the Santa pics! Your post sounds like my brain right now!

  2. I always love your posts Keri! You make me smile and laugh every time (not at you but totally with you :) I'm also laughing because when C was two she saw a big Santa and said "look Mommy - Noah!!". We are the odd ones out I guess - ha!

  3. I am SO excited to do your closet girl! And whatever, I know it's not "boring and boringer!" You look too cute in all your pics for that to be the case. : ) Email me whenever you're ready, and we'll put it on the calendar! Can't wait!