Monday, November 5, 2012

If I can get my act together...

It's that time of year again. That time when women everywhere are scrambling for a photo where everyone's eyes are open, smiles don't look forced and heads aren't cut off. If we find one, we may end up with actual Christmas Cards. If you, ahem, didn't get your act together to send out your son's birth announcement, making a Christmas card feels all the more important. Enter my friends at tiny prints. So, for your viewing pleasure, something for everyone.

Winter Boy Birth Announcements Today's Special - Front : Stream
Winter Boy Birth Announcements Dots and Joy - Front : Calypso
For the mom who needs to combine a Christmas card with birth announcement

Studio Basics: Christmas Cards Technicolor Peace - Front : Winterberry
for the family willing to bribe their kids for a cute photo
Flat Holiday Photo Cards Handwritten Love - Front : Bright Red
for the couple focused on the right things this Christmas season
Flat Holiday Photo Cards Soft Wishes - Front : White
when 3 little words send the perfect message
Folded Holiday Photo Cards Bethlehem Town - Front : Almond
for the family wanting to share the Good News

Christmas Cards Happy Christmukkah - Front : Peppermint
for the family celebrating more than one tradition

Go here for special offers from Tiny Prints and get excited about sharing in this sweet holiday tradition.
And for my sister, Natalie, and all the other pinterest fanatics out there,

Back soon with reflections on Thomas's beautiful Baptism!

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  1. Ooohh! Didn't know Tiny Prints was on Pinterest! Pin-tastic! :-) Love them all but voting for Pure JOY! xoxo!

  2. Girl, don't feel bad. My poor 6 month old hasn't been "announced" yet. Pretty sure I'm just not sending birth announcements. Sorry Carson.