Thursday, May 6, 2010

National Day of Prayer

Today is National Day of Prayer. You can google it for its origins and to be honest, I have a little of Fr. Jack's cynicism on this kind of declaration, but we are channeling 'positive peggy' instead of 'negative nancy', remember?? So, I decided that to combat my sleep-deprivation, job stupidity induced bad mood, I'd make my list of prayer requests for the day.  We'll see how I feel at the end of this. Here's hoping...

  • for  a young mom with cancer. To be given the gift of beautiful babies and not be allowed to see them grow. Rip my heart out. Please Lord, heal this sweet lady.
  • for an understanding of why having children is so easy for some, and so brutal for others. It makes no sense. Please Lord, guide us each through our journeys to having a family.
  • for our military. Please Lord, comfort those who have lost, protect the ones we haven't lost, and lead the ones who make it home back into successful and positive lives. Specifically, I pray for my little brother Patrick, my friend Joey Byerly, my friend Jon Rue, my friend Katrina's close friends.
  • for this babe in my belly. I pray that the next ten weeks are marked by health and growth and a newborn capacity for bestowing grace on its very flawed mama.
  • I pray that the large sweet tea that is becoming a daily occurance doesn't produce a 10 lb baby, necessitating a c-section. Is it psychological that I think it relieves the heartburn?
  • I pray for all mothers, all ladies who want to be mothers, all mothers who have lost their children, all women who have mothered in love, that they feel affirmed, validated and at peace in their lives.
  • I pray for my weekend away with some great friends, that our time is filled with endless laughter.
  • I pray for my outlook at work, that I re-focus on my patients, on their needs, and filter out the other junk.
  • I pray for my husband, for continued patience with his wife, for success in his career, for a further deepening of his faith and for joy in his journey to becoming a dad.
  • I pray for an increase in vocations- that young men and women would hear and accept a call to service to God. I pray that today, my MC and Sisters of Mercy friends, and priests Fr. Tim, Fr. Tom, Fr. Fallon, Fr. Jack and Fr. McCarthy feel complete joy in their vocations.
  • For all the people for whom I promise to pray...and then forget to pray for. May God envelop them with love and the assurance that their prayers are heard.

I could go on, and may add them as the day continues. It feels good, to step out of myself and pray for others. If you have anything I can add to the list in my heart, feel free to say so. I'd really be happy to stop griping about dumb, little things and put a little heart into the universe!

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  1. loved your beautiful words, sweet keri, and congratulations on your are beautiful! best wishes with that little babe...kel