Thursday, May 13, 2010

T-9 weeks

Today we are 9 weeks (give or take a week if a) Grady sends me into early labor or b) baby is stubborn like her daddy ) from meeting our little gremlin. Excited is not the word! So in celebration of our countdown, some random goings on in these last weeks as a family of 3 (must count Monty).

First, let's all sing happy birthday to the greatest brother. in the universe. no contest.

This photo was actually taken early 2009 just before Patrick's deployment. We were celebrating his 25th birthday a little early. I am so grateful to God that we are celebrating his big 26 in the United States, with him home healthy and safe. I used to laugh because in high school I dated a big, burly, line backer. Patrick, always hovering (to this day) at around 120 lbs, would offer to break his knees if he ever hurt me. Sweet guy couldn't have broken that linebacker's thumb, though I might bet on him if anyone did try to hurt his sisters. He is my little brother but has always acted as the protective, older brother. I cannot tell you how much I love this guy!

Next, let's talk about mother's day. I was at the beach with my college girlfriends and  came home to these.  My sweet dad, serving in the Middle East, sent me my first mother's day gift. Tears definitely fell.

Thank you dad, for making me feel like the most special mother to be in the world. I love you!

And in honor of mother's day, I got to practice on one of the most precious baby boys I have ever put my lips on. My great friend Natalie allowed me to steal her child at my every whim for three solid days. Holding baby T and feeling every ounce of my being love this little person who does not even belong to me was very reassuring. I know the months ahead will be challenging, but through Nat's precious boy, God affirmed that I have everything I need to be a good mother- His grace, a great example in my own mom and grandmas, a doting husband and fantastic friends who have walked this road of motherhood before me.

Speaking of doting husband! I so love these boys, bedhead and all (this pic was taken at 6:30 am before we left for the beach). I cannot wait for those arms to be holding our own child and to see Ross as a daddy. I also cannot wait to see that baby's massive smile again very soon!

Also in honor of mother's day, a great friend just gave birth to a beautiful girl! Congrats to Lisa and Scott on a gorgeous little lady. I am impatiently waiting to snuggle her and see you guys!

And lastly, just for giggles, let's compare, shall we? Exhibit A is from September 29th, in the Rum bar in St. Lucia. While the dress wouldn't pass Sister Helen's fingertip test, I was not channeling Brit Brit.  Exhibit B is from May 12th, 2010, a mere 8 months later. That dress now makes a great maternity shirt.
                                        Exhibit A                                                                                      
                                                        Exhibit B
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about seeing it as a dress again (with flats this time- since we're not on honeymoon anymore!) And yes, my face is cut off purposefully. Belly is not the only thing growing around here!!

So, Dr. Julia is pleased as punch with baby's progress. Mama is pleased as punch with this last weigh-in and we are excited about the coming weeks. This weekend and next we'll celebrate Patrick and Vanessa with wedding showers. Baby's Bupke (grandpa Ninness) is coming into town to continue Ross's home improvement madness. Daddy is definitely doing more nesting than mama. But that is verrry typical. Anyway- wonderful things to come! Bring on the summertime!

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  1. I can't believe you're that close to being a mama. I'm so excited for you! Please tell your belly I love him / her to pieces and can't wait for the big arrival :)