Monday, July 19, 2010

Cast of Characters

I sincerely hope that in a few weeks I will have something to talk about other than baby. But seeing as how I put her diaper on backwards last night, coherent thoughts are not abounding these days. So photos are all I've got. This weekend, we braved a trip to Savannah with our six day old little girl. During one of her 200 daily feedings, Mary Kate told me she could not bear to miss her Uncle Patrick's wedding. So off we went, and I'm so glad we did. We watched Patrick and Vanessa finally get to profess their vows before God. It was a beautiful ceremony. It also happened to be the first Mass we attended as a family of 3 and receiving the Eucharist, while holding my new baby, in the church where I married her dad, had me in tears. Making it more special, we got to introduce Mary Kate to some very important people.

Uncle Patrick wins the award for best with children. He is energetic and loving and kids gravitate toward him. MK will find lots of trouble with him but will be protected and adored by him too! It was great to finally meet him!

My grandma holding her first great-grandchild for the first time. This woman is the backbone of my faith and I look forward to passing on that faith to Mary Kate. Words cannot express the joy of seeing these two ladies together.

Wrapping love around the newest Sullivan gal~aunt Katie, Keri, Grandma Sullivan, Me-Maw

Mary Kate got to meet Kellie and Annie Garmany. Most of what I know about how to care for a child comes from the years in Athens of nannying for and living with this family. Eason was away at camp but we hope to meet her soon. Annie kissed MK, said "oh, she's so cute" and then ran to play with my dad's dog who was clearly much more interesting. Love it ;)

Ever her daddy's (and her Bodki's) girl, Mary Kate also got out onto the dance floor with Aunt Katie and happily danced to "Shout!" She seemd to like the music and while I'm sure I got some bad looks from letting her out there with all the noise, she was bright-eyed and happy as a clam for the five minutes I let it go on ;)

We ended the weekend with a wonderful dinner with her Grandpa Father Tim. I took a picture with my phone but figuring out how to upload to the computer is, again, beyond my cognitive abilities right now. So, just imagine a beautiful little girl being held by a strong, faithful, youthful! man of God and you will know how truly blessed we are. Thanks Padre for a wonderful dinner and the blessing you gave our girl. Let's amp up the prayers for night time sleep though :)

After much deliberation and counsel, we are happy we decided to head to Savannah. Thanks to Dr. Stu for advice on how to make it work for Mary Kate, to pharmacist Space for advice on how mama could best manage pain, to Ross for finally making the call that we needed to go and for his strength in managing his two high maintenance girls. Thank you to Patrick and Vanessa for a beautiful wedding that we enjoyed so much!


  1. first of all....the pic where your sister is holding her and ross is looking at her takes my breath away. no other words.

    second of all...i was in tears thinking of you and your sweet baby in the cathedral. that place holds many special memories for me, not a marriage...but special the same and just the thought of it and it's beauty gives me the chills. you know, me and my catholic-wanna be self. :)

    i love her, and i need to meet her. oh geeze, i need to get back to GA soon.

  2. I'm so glad that Mary Kate cooperated enough to let you attend your brother's wedding. My sister had the same wedding day at Bethesda! You all look wonderful!