Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What makes me happy

I came across a new blog this week, and sweet Erin made me smile. She is the little sister of Nat and I have loved having her as a kind of 'two for one' friend. One of her past posts was entitled "What makes me happy." I was encouraged to sit back and think about this. Because we allll know what makes me unhappy. Admittedly, I dwell a little too much in glass half empty land. So in an effort to retrain my cynical little brain to 'accentuate the positive' (sorry, I couldn't resist), I decided to steal Erin's blog for the day. And as we recall, every one who blogs loves a list post- so much less brain power.

Today, September 14th, the things that make me happy

  • the little girl in the next room who is napping. naps make me very happy, even if they are not my own, sometimes especially if they are not my own.
  • that same little, dainty girl who, at Mass Sunday during the quiet part of Eucharistic prayers, tooted so so loudly and for so long. Call me an 11-year-old boy but that was so funny.
  • the new jeans that my friend Rachel gifted me. They are a size bigger than usual but I love 2 new pair of free Joe's jeans no matter what size they are
  • when my husband looks at me and says 'babe, you look great!'
  • garage sales
  • Kashi go lean cereal bars
  • diet coke- though I'm trying to quit so look forward to a post about what doesn't make me happy
  • 4-5 hour sleep stretches
  • phone conversations with old friends
  • when my kid smiles at me so big that her eyes are squinting
  • play dates with encouraging moms and spunky kids
  • 6:30 pm when dad comes home and takes baby and dog for a run
  • jogging strollers gifted from generous friends to make my hour of heaven possible
  • reading blogs
  • reading a good book
  • the ocean- oh how healing and soothing the beach will always be to me!
  • feeling productive, being busy
  • Mass at the Gift of Grace- so small but so intimate, being known and loved by the sisters
  • seeing my daughter curl up on her dad's chest, clutch his shirt collar and be so content
  • eating Mexican with my mom
  • meeting with small groups of younger women, being inspired by them
  • Praise and worship music (or as R calls it 'the loaf')
  • feeling in shape (not currently but soon!!)
  • thunderstorms, especially at the beach or in the middle of the day, esp with a book in hand
  • smocked dresses
  • rocking chairs
  • fall weather in the south
  • sugar-brownies, candy, ice cream, cake- you name it, I love it
  • surprises-like the edible arrangement my sister sent 'just because'
  • Savannah, Tybee, mass and supper with my grandma, shopping with mom and katie-just being home
these folks also make me happy

go gamecocks???!! Lord help my fall Saturdays
          the 2010 Tyler family babies

the back river of tybee

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  1. keri - love the list. i ditto many of those. in fact, i recently wrote a list i might share. i like to look at it and be reminded of so many wonderful things i love.