Sunday, September 26, 2010

Celebrate Good Times

The past week has brought so much joy as we celebrated both Mary Kate's baptism and the first anniversary of our marriage. It is so truly surreal that less than a year after our wedding, we are bringing our child into our faith. We are really, really blessed.

While Mary Kate did not particularly enjoy the Mass prior to her baptism, or Fr. Tim pouring water over her head, and while she made sure that the entire Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the surrounding Savannah squares heard her voice, it was still a very special day. To have the two priests who celebrated mine and Ross's wedding turn around 5 minutes 11.75 months later and welcome our child into our church was amazing. Every dream I ever had came true. Mary Kate wore the gown my grandmother's mother made, the gown my dad and 4 siblings wore and the gown my sister and MK's godmother wore. It was plenty wrinkled by picture time but the love inside that beautiful gown was easily seen! The people who love MK most were by her side as she screamed as she entered the Catholic faith. Despite a quicky baptism and a looong Mass prior to it, we enjoyed a beautiful day and are so thankful to Fr. Tim for celebrating and to our families for traveling and being a part of this day.

 Thank you to Aunt Roo/Godmother for making a beautiful cake

My precious grandmother's mother made her baptismal gown in 1950
MK, mom and dad with sweet Fr. Tim and godparents Aunt Roo and Uncle Steve

After a special day, we went spent a few days in Hilton Head with Ross's family and are really thankful for the vacation away. We had great time with family and great time in prayer and reflection. It was wonderful. MK has a little bit of a rough time adjusting to all the newness but thankfully the Ninnesses were very patient and loving to our little pain in the neck!

This new mama doesn't take beach photos but here is a sweet one from a delicious seafood dinner at Skull's boathouse.

After a 7.5 hour trek home from Hilton Head (someone thinks that her carseat is filled with nails), we made it home. We finished the week with MK's two months shots, two weeks late and then some awful football with good friends. And exactly one week from MK's baptism day, Ross and I celebrated our one year anniversary. We ate our weight in Italian at Alfredo's (please please gift yourself with dining here!) and talked about where we hope to be September 26th 2020. We shared a bottle of amazing wine and I sat, staring at this man, and wondered how my kid and I got so lucky. Sorry for the cheesiness, but one year in and I am smart enough to know how truly blessed I am.

So excited to wear makeup and go out without a nursing cover in tow!

All in all, this week has been about celebrating the life God so inexpicably gifted us with. It has not been without its stress (it's my life, after all) but it has been full of  grace and goodness. I am so, so thankful!


  1. how ironic - lou's carseat had nails too. hmmmm.

    love it and congrats on all of it. :)

  2. happy anniversary kerri! i guess i started following your blog late because i never realized that you and ross were such newlyweds when you got pregnant. i'm so happy to hear how blessed you are between a sweet man by your side and a sweet little girl to pour your life into. when we get past our amazing ability to analyze life and it's intricacies, we realize it doesn't get much better than that, right? :) you look beautiful on your night out on the town! (and p.s...k and b's car seats had nails in them too. i'm hoping they magically go away in this next go round. so unnerving to drive with the screaming, but i'm glad yall got to get away. i love HH.)

  3. keri - love the post. beautiful family...