Sunday, October 17, 2010

random observations from a weekend away

mega stream of consciousness- consider yourself warned.

Mary Kate and I came to Savannah for St. Vincent's Tea and Tour of Homes. It was a great day and brought back a bazillion memories of our days there. Sister Pat held Mary Kate and MK gave her as much trouble as I did back in the day. I think Sister is happy that she will likely be retired before she has any chance of another Sullivan girl roaming her hallways. On that note, I really really really miss Savannah. I miss everything about it. But I know that 45 stars have to align all at the same time for us to get back home. And as I told Jesus at Mass Saturday, 'not my will but yours be done.' I'm smart enough to know that if I force the issue it will not end well.

Speaking of Mass, we went twice this weekend. As I've said 30 times before on this blog, one of my most treasured memories is attending the Saturday evening Mass with my grandmother. I debated on taking the squaker (new nickname. after 5 minutes with her, you'll get it) since she had almost no nap but settled for some quiet time with mom as sufficient and put on her church clothes. It was so worth it. My kid hammed it up for all the ladies on the handicapped row, smiling and cooing. She and my grandma talked to each other so much I had to separate them. I love that my kid made the ole ladies feel so special. I was a proud mama.

There was another mama there that I have thought about a bunch. She looked about my age, maybe a few years older. She looked exhausted, hair uncombed, disshelved, unshowered. I say this because she had her five children with her- and while she looked like she had been run over by each kid on their bicyles, the kids were angels. They behaved, participated in Mass (minus the expected pinch in the side or two), and walked to communion with hands folded in reverence. That mama may not have gotten a shower that day, but heck if she didn't bring her kids to see Jesus. I hope God blesses her for raising great babes. I know He will.

There was also another mama there who was sitting behind us. The few times MK decided to squak, this nice lady, Ms. Fisher, held her finger and smiled and talked to her. My gal rewarded her with a smile. It was nice to sit next to people who didn't expect me to get up and leave at the first squak.

Today we went to Mass with my mom and dad (mom and Katie were cooking a big family dinner when grandma and I were there the night before and mom's faaav thing to do is show off her grandchild at Mass. We went twice just for grandma. And because I didn't get  too much prayer time in the night before trying to keep squaky quiet). Anywho- she was less behaved today but it was still really nice to be there. Being at your childhood church is just special. I loved it.

I debated on leaving later tonight but right now I'm watching my kid perched on my mom's stomach. Mom and Dad are talking to MK and she's talking right back. As much as I miss my hubs and our home, I won't take this away from mom and dad, or MK. Plus I want one more free meal out of this trip (and maybe a tank of gas???) Any ideas on when I'm too old to mooch of the parentals??

My child will not take a pacifier so today mom took off the nipple of a bottle, stuffed a burp cloth in it and MK sucked herself right to sleep. I'm sure that's a bad idea but also sure I'll be trying that again. I am tired of being my girl's pacifier.

I have easily gained 5 lbs since being home. And since I own about $500 in jeans in a size BELOW where I am, my new status as un-employed mandates that I fit back into those jeans. Plus mom bought me some precious boots from Red Clover that will only work over those size 4 skinny jeans. Am I sounding superficial enough yet??

The best part of being home is having extra hands to handle my girl. It's nice, though I start to miss her. Sweet baby was in Aunt Roo's arms at TJ Maxx and caught sight of me. She put out her bottom lip, let it quiver for a sec, and then started crying . It both melted me and broke my heart at the same time. I think it's the first time I realized she knows me by sight- you know, apart from smelling her dinner on me. I felt special.

Another benefit of being home is getting to actually read. Fr. Tim sent me "The Birth Order Book" and so far, it's pretty fascinating. I'm excited about understanding the people in my life better, my husband, siblings, and using it to get my kids better in the future. It may take me 2 months to finish without the extra hands but I'm loving it.

I'm a little nervous about the drive home tomorrow. My smart husband suggested I leave Atlanta last week right after MK's 6:00 am feeding since she usually goes right back to sleep. I looove my morning sleep but agreed and he was right. Except she woke up at 5:00 am for that feeding but whatev. We got to Savannah without stopping once. Heavenly. Now, for tomorrow, we're in a different boat. The good news is that since being here, she has dropped that morning feed (probably because my mother and sister exhaust the poor child). So I don't know what she will be doing tomorrow. So, I took the suggestions of facebook friends and bought some calming potion elixer from Brighter Day and hope the drugs work.

Okay, the squaking is now full on yelling. I should go rescue mom. I know she loves/craves/worships this time with her granddaughter, but have I mentioned I miss my husband? 

Forgive the random assortment of thoughts. It was just fun to type with two hands for a change.

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  1. so - i loved your blog before, and i love it more now as i see you transitioning to a mother of what sounds like a little louisa on your hands. i am so proud of you keri and i miss the stink out of you!

    i too, have just recently started to miss the charming home city. it is now in the run for a place to call home (again) in a year and a half. if that falls true - must be getting our girls together. :)