Saturday, October 2, 2010

Morning prayer

My sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Scafidi, told us once that she started each day with a simple prayer and I have never forgotten it.

"Good morning, Dear Jesus, this day is for you. I ask you to bless all I think, say, and do."

Each morning when my high maintenance girl is on her changing table, we say this prayer. She smiles and coos and I begin the day really trying to dig into my faith and let Jesus be a part of everything I think, say, and do. Usually by 9am I am saying an Act of Contrition instead, but A for effort, right? Anyway, I was thinking about exactly what this prayer means in this 'new normal' life.

Good Morning Dear Jesus, This Day is for you.
Each day I should be living this day for HIM. The goal at the end of the day really shouldn't be that I fold 4 loads of laundry or sweep 2 tons of dog hair. It shouldn't even be that MY goals are met. It should be that in every instance, I did the most mundane of tasks FOR HIM. Tall Order Mrs. Ninness...

I ask you to bless all I think.
Let's start off with the most difficult first. One of my BFF's recently hugged me good-bye and said "don't think so much." I left laughing. That was comical, a real knee-slapper. Me, Keri, social worker, over-analyzer, don't think so much. Hilarious. So let's be realistic. I'm going to think. A Lot. I'm me. But maybe I can pray pray pray for God to bless what I think. Because we all know that thoughts lead to actions. So, I pray that my thoughts slide right on past baby weight, guilt, my multitude of inadequacies. I pray that God would bless me with the ability to re-direct onto things of HIM- a beautiful, thriving child, a patient, hard-working husband, a family who loves me at my worst, beautiful fall weather, etc, etc, etc. I know the good things exist, I just too often fall into the trap of thinking too much about stuff that serves no purpose in living my day FOR GOD (see above).

I ask you to bless all I say.
Yeah, this one's hard too. I am getting more sleep these days so my tongue is not as slippery but too often kindness is not the first thing out of my mouth. I ask that God helps me to complain much less, to say words of gratitude and appreciation, affirmation and support. It's pretty easy with that pudge of a baby girl, but my husband and mom and even friends deserve more than they've gotten lately from negative Nancy here. And I am smart enough to know that it's all cyclical- positive thoughts, positive words, positive thoughts...

I ask you to bless all I do.
That same BFF from above also shared some great advice to me. "The best way to mental health is physical health." In the case of a girl with a mild case of the blues and a moderate case of bad health habits (read: too much aspertame, sugar and not enough exercise), this struck me. So I ask God for help in motivating me to simply get out and enjoy this beautiful weather with a walk or hike or run. And maybe a tall glass of H20. And a whole lot less diet coke (anyone know of any correlation between artificial sweeteners and depression?) I digress. I have also noticed that I need my days to have some structure, some plan. I don't know what should fill them, but am working on a balance between some quality time with my girl and not punishing her with too many trips in the carseat and mama's need to get O.U.T. Regardless, I hope for God's blessings on the things that I do, on making my actions reflect my belief in HIM, my FAITH in HIS plan for our family and my gratitude toward Him.

Okay- the little tank is awake after her 11 minute nap. On to trying to put this prayer into action once again...


  1. That BFF of yours sounds like a very wise woman. :) Love you!

  2. Keri - I also will never forget a prayer I learned at BSS.

    Good morning, dear God,
    I offer to you:
    My thoughts, words, and actions,
    and all that I do.
    Bless me, O Lord, and make me like You today.

    If you truly mean the words, it is quite a dedication you are making for your day!

    Hope you and that sweet girl are doing well. (Mine is burying her head in my lap whining right now. Time for me to put the laptop away.)