Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On a lighter note...our girl is 9 months and 4 days old

And whoa is this my favorite age!! If you subtract the eating paper, recent 5 am wake-up trend and desire to gnaw on every cord in site, it really is the most wonderful fun I've ever had. She has 6 teeth and will eat anything and everything. Mama couldn't keep up with that appetite so now she gets a bottle of formula a day to meet her needs. While my emotional, crazed self cried buckets over this decision, 3 days in and life is already better for our girl. Words are baba, dada, and the sssss sound. Waving bye is starting to happen, as she figures out what to do with those fingers. Bath time is adored and being outside is her favorite activity. We are so excited for Spring!

This little girl, this PURE GIFT, is an area of my life where gratitude is not a problem. Even when she's face first in the dog bowl. I mutter thank you to Jesus about 30 times a day for this girl. Tears rolling as I write that. What on earth did I do to get her?

My Mary Kate,

You are Light.
You, my sweet girl, love to be outside. You crave the sunlight, just like your daddy. Since you were a tiny, tiny baby, walking outside would calm any cries. As not much of an outdoorsy kinda girl, I am happy that you are teaching me to literally walk out of the darkness and into God's beautiful, light-filled nature. I see the trees and the clouds through your eyes now and, like you and dad, want to be in the great outdoors!

You are Joy.

While you couldn't hunt easter eggs at the nursing home with our MOPS friends, I had a hunch that you might throw a few smiles to some folks who needed it. You are sitting on Barbara's lap, and holding Dot's fingers. You played with them (and Dot's walker) for an hour.  Given sufficient rest and food, you have a smile waiting for anyone who will give you attention. And nothing on this planet gives mom and dad more joy than watching you bring that joy to others, simply by being you.

You are friendly.

This is your BFF Joy. You love, love her. And I'd say the feeling is mutual (though that girl does not discriminate in who she throws her big, scrunchy nosed grin at!). You love Joy and other little people. This week at church, you crawled around on the floor with another little boy. You didn't mind at all his desire to steal your book; you just loved another little person to play with. I am happy that already you enjoy the babes around you and pray you grow to have rich friendships to walk you through life.

You are fun!
This picture was taken March 20th, 2011. We had just come home from Savannah and dad was vegging in the bedroom. He asked if you could come hang out with him. Already, you are probably his favorite buddy. I walked in to see this. It's one of my favorite pictures of you and daddy just enjoying being next to each other. I did find parts of that magazine in your diaper later but that is just fine by me!

You are adventurous.
The other day I walked in your room to find dad putting your diaper on you backward. As in, you were in this position and he had just given up on changing you the normal way. There are things to see, places to be, and none of them involve you laying still for a millisecond. You army crawl at the speed of light and no amount of baby proofing can stand up to you. Your heart is eager for adventure, curious about the world awaiting you. Dad couldn't be more pleased. Mom couldn't be more nervous!

You are loving.
While not much of a cuddler, you show your love to people in so many ways. By happily holding a birthday sign for memaw, or by the way you lightly held your Busia's face while you sat on her lap, there is no doubt who you love. I am the single most blessed woman on the planet earth that you love me.

You are His.

Oh my girl. This past weekend, on your 9-month-birthday, I left you for the first time. My stomach was in knots all week. I feared you feeling abandoned by the lady who feeds you. I feared not being able to enjoy myself without you. I feared you growing up feeling the burden of a mama who needs her gal too much. I feared something happening to you while I was gone. I feared not being able to share you with your grandparents and daddy while I was way. And as I rocked you for a ridiculously long time Friday night before I left, I wanted to keep you to myself, to not share you with people who love you. You are mine, I thought. And as quickly as the thought entered my mind, the Lord reminded me that this is not true. You are His. You are a precious, invaluable gift that He has loaned me for however long He sees fit. I must share you with the world. Because they need my friendly, joyous, loving, fun, adventurous, light-filled girl. And truly, because you need them too. I am so happy you are already His and I pray that you know every day who loves you even more than mommy and daddy.

Happy 9-months to my beautiful girl.
I love you, so, so much!



  1. grrrrr...i just wrote a novel of a comment and blogger just said "oops, we've encountered a problem." UGH.

    in a nutshell...

    in reference to your previous post. we are humans, looking to the other side of the fence is what we do. but, thankfully we are blessed with a God that understands this shortfall and gives us the opportunity to realize it and correct all the while creating a chance for us to learn and grow while never is He judging. realizing that shortfall is the best thing you can do, because you can then change and grow from it.

    as for the breast feeding - i KNOW how you are feeling and beating yourself up. this was my life a few weeks back. i still cry about it. nash didn't tolerate my breast milk. so, as i gave my 5 week old a soy formula bottle while i was binding my breasts to stop creating the milk that my body was MADE to produce to feed my child...i beat myself up pretty awful. i still do. but you, i am so proud of you for making it so long. try not to focus on that one bottle, but more on the amazing accomplishment that you have solely breastfed your baby for 9 months. that is amazing.

    i know you say that you are lucky to have mary kate, but she is also very lucky to have you.

    i don't know if i tell you enough how proud of you i am. but, i am.

    you've got this girl. :)

  2. Oh how we love love our MK!!! She is a blessing to everyone she comes in contact with and I am certain that God has a mighty amazing plan for your sweet, playful, energetic, JOYful baby girl!