Monday, May 16, 2011

A month in photos

Trying out Uncle Pat's Jeep in Savannah

In Sarasota for Blair's wedding

Our hostess Jill, her date Will, at the wedding after party at the Ritz.

Too much fun at Blair's wedding!

Beautiful Blair who will kill me for this photo.

You moms out there know that vanity takes a back seat when you are actually in a photo with your babe. At the Jonquil festival, May 2010.

With Ross's cousin Meg and Chloe at Ben's 1st Communion party.

Precious girls!

My bully daughter trying to squeeze her cousin's nose. Chloe did not like Mary Kate and her daddy's little "game"

Celebrating our Ben's First Communion! Precious Boy who is so sweet to MK!

This month has been full and wonderful. It brought my first Mother's Day. Mary Kate helped daddy pick out beautiful new stationery for me and took care of most baby care duties that day. Ben's First Communion was so sweet and special, even from our vantage point in the narthex :) We loved having our cousins in town from Philly and Mary Kate loved all the attention!

Our girl turned 10 months a few days later and seems to have morphed into this toddler person. I kind of can't get enough of her these days. I hope I get a post of her 10 months later but just in case, the quick version of her life these days is pulling up on everything, new sounds "sssss, thissssssss," more independence with her eating (less spoons, more baths), better napping (praise the LORD), more cuddling (again, praise the Lord- though still much less than the average babe), has finally conceded to sitting still for 5 minute intervals to be read to- maybe we won't have an illiterate baby after all, loves swimming in the pool, has started reaching out for mommy and daddy (insert melted heart), and this month had her first weekend away from mom and dad!

Ross and I left the girl this weekend with my mom and sister while we flew to Sarasota for the Sullivan-Berrigan nuptials. Blair's wedding was probably one of my top 5 favorite weddings. My date was handsome, the champagne was flowing and my dress required no sucking in! We stayed with Jill who is simply joy personified and got to see lots of old friends from UGA and the Catholic Center. We stayed up until 2-3 am each night, about 6 hours later than usual. Blair was so gracious and beautiful and the tears flowed freely watching my old roomie finally get her day. No detail went untouched. It was one of those wedding where every guest felt special and cherished. I was so humbled by the love and sweetness from our bride!

We are back home now and I have loved reacquainting with my girl. I loved the getaway but oooh how I missed that gremlin! The next weeks promise to be busy and fabulous with a family vacay with our sweet friends to the Hinton Center in NC, someone's mama's 30th birthday, and lots of summer fun!

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