Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

R has been out of town all week and MK has been sick and not sleeping so mama is a little loopy. We are still computer-less so precious pictures from our memorial day weekend will get posted soon. Until then, random thoughts.

  • lunch in buckhead the other day showcased a plethora of pencil skirts on working women. Never have I been more happy to not technically be a working woman. It is apparently the office piece de jour and I am so thankful to not feel the pressure to subject myself (or the world) to that.
  • the only thing more sad than a sick baby is how much of a lunatic it turns a mother into. I never thought I'd want to see 6 am so badly, but if my kid can make it until 6 anytime in the near future, I will feed her ice cream for breakfast.
  • I signed up for a stinking half marathon and already regret it. I find it absurd how much these people want you to pay them for this torture. Who is paying me? Katrina??
  • Despite my child being all kinds of gross, I am convinced that Atlanta Street Trucks will make her feel better. Or it will make mommy less insane, so we're doing it. Come on down to midtown if you feel like fabulous food served from automobiles.
  • Ross is in the bedroom rapping to Mary Kate. It is funny to hear despite the fact that my poor girl is stillll whining.
  • I sent Fr. Tim a message a few weeks ago saying that people who take small children to Mass shouldn't have to go to purgatory. Today I've decided that people with children whose husband's travel for work shouldn't have to go either.
  • In an effort to not cook dinner for myself or MK the other night, I grabbed some animal crackers from the check out line in target. When I realized that they were a mega choking hazard for my kid (and got annoyed that I now had to find her some fresh fruit or something), I thought I should drive half way across town to give them to Betsy. Maybe they'll still be fresh when we get a play date together in 2013.
  • I watched 2 hours of Khloe and Lamar the other night. Guess I'm headed back to purgatory.
  • I love my child more than life but dream of sleeping until 7am. I have full confidence that the day she does this, God will choose that moment to bless us with another bundle of early-waking joy.
  • Rapping not working anymore. Must go save husband from irritable, puffy-eyed baby.
Back this weekend with photos of our favorite hide-a-way!


  1. Thanks for updating us! I stalk your blog....absolutely love it. It inspires me to enter this world of blogging. I hope MK feels better and you're able to get some rest:)

  2. LaNoral,

    You NEED to blog! Your heart is so insightful. Your facebook posts alone make me think more, pray more, love more. DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!1