Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quick Takes Home Depot Computer Style

So, last week my computer crashed. And it took 600 photos of my girl. I cried for one minute. Then I stopped. Then I kicked myself in the butt because I kept reminding myself to back up all those photos and never did. And now-a-days I am attempting to perform a job I do 100% remotely from a blackberry. Pretty it is not. But tonight husband brought home his work computer and while he played tennis, I fit 4 days of work into 2 hours (after I cussed and cussed and finally found the wireless button. Was so tempted to call my techie friend Scott and interrupt his daughter's 1st BIRTHDAY to find it. Common sense finally prevailed.) Anyway- I wanted to post some quick takes because there is a lot going on lately and I don't know when I'll be back to a screen that is more than 2 inches wide.

1. It's amazing how much free time is had once a computer dies. Monday morning was my first weekday without my beloved attachment. By halfway through MK's nap,  I had made the bed, showered, eaten breakfast, cleaned MK's bottles and completed a week's worth of my new bible study (thank you Mikki Breen!) By this time normally I would have stalked 40 blogs, worked a little and read the news online and I definitely want that computer back but will be imposing some limits on my time-wasting self  when it  gets here.

2. Mary Kate will be ten months old Monday. And this girl is cracking me up. See below for snippets of my day.
Monty used to run away from her. Now he just sits there and lets her crawl all over him. Like my redneck baby's diaper ?

The girl is as feisty as ever and ALL OVER THE PLACE. She now loves to crawl around the foyer into the kitchen. I will crawl the other way into the kitchen and she goes bonkers when she sees me crawling toward her. I guess you have to be there but it cracks her up. And nothing beats goofy baby laughter.

3. Yesterday I was driving to lunch with the girl and we had to stop by Ross's work for our Dave Ramsey stash. As I was driving, I was blown over by how fortunate I feel to be taking my girl to lunch with good old friends in the middle of the day while he works. And lest my husband use this sentence against me for any reason, please feel free to call Cameli's to inquire as to how this angel behaved during lunch. Add that one to the list of "do not return" restaurants.

4. Said angel whined from 4-7 pm today. And by whined, I mean raked her fingernails across a chalk board for 3 hours. (Again, feeling the need to combat any thought of homemaker bliss over here).

5. But back to homemaker bliss.

needed to remember those big ole teeth. There are 4 more, they just get hidden by these big daddies.

Joy Elizabeth introduced us to McEntyre's Bakery. Holy cinnamon roll.

6. In response to the new found cinnamon rolls, mini-cakes, and big fat cookies, I decided to start running. That was Monday. I haven't started yet. But I will. I think. As I told a friend, I would really love a reason to be proud of myself. And apparently one doesn't feel proud after eating a box of swiss cake rolls. Trust me, I tried, about 4 times.

7. Work ebbs and flows. This month it paid for my ginormous dental bill. Big time savings right now. Take a peek.

8. Last month it was the dental bill. This month, I need this. And despite my bible study being about seeking holiness by combatting (fill in the blank- for me, it's material things), I think I'd be really really holy if I could do my bible study from this space.
copied with respect from

9. Saturday is this boy's 1st Communion. Ben is so special to Ross and I, such a kind-hearted, loving, active boy. He loves Mary Kate and she adores him right back. 1st Communion is one of my favorite events in the life of a child. I have fond memories of me squinting in the courtyard of the Blessed Sacrament Rectory as the sun shined down during pictures. I wore a veil my grandmother made me and new white mary jane shoes. I was given a white prayer book and white rosary beads that I loved. As an adult Eucharistic Minister at the Catholic Center in Athens, I loved giving kids the precious cup for the first time and watching them squirm at their first tastes of wine. I remember giving it to Eason and her winking at me. I can't wait to see Ben, always so reverent during Sunday Mass, receive the body and blood of Christ for the first time.

10. One week from tomorrow, I will be on a plane with my husband. ALONE. We will get to see our long lost friend Jill and watch Blair marry Mike. We are so thankful for these friends (and for them deciding to get married giving us no excuse not to take an adults only vacay). Mary Kate will be ridiculously spoiled and probably take no naps but it won't matter. I will miss her terribly but I'll be with my favorite man. I am giddy with excitement.


  1. Haha, loved the part about the swiss cake rolls...I've tried that one myself a few times. : ) Have fun on your trip!

  2. Too funny - I sent this bedroom to brad and my mom and told them that is what I wanted for Mothers day. We must have similar - extravagant - taste on a not so extravagant budget! MK is precious! Pleeeeaaase a date before our two kids turn 1!

  3. Time is flying if MK is 10 months old. Enjoy your first Mother's Day and have fun with your hubby!