Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Old friends, new beginnings

This week we have gotten to spend some rich, rich time with close friends. It's one of the ways Ross blesses me most, this ability to spend time with friends while he is working for our family. First we said good-bye to our favorite Padre. Father Tim is moving to Rome, (Italy) for a few years. He will be serving in such an important role but I won't pretend I haven't wished they would re-think their need for him there! Father Tim has been absolutely integral in my life for over 10 years. He has guided me through dark spiritual times and presided over the most joyous of times (our wedding, MK's Baptism). He blessed us by coming to Atlanta this weekend, saying Mass in our home, blessing our girl and our home and sharing a meal with us. We are so thankful to call him our friend. Padre, you will be missed. arrivederci e buona fortuna.

Tuesday we headed east to the Classic City. Lizzy and Ryan have moved their family to Athens and Jennifer and I decided to coordinate visits. So we packed our Atlanta and Augusta babies and invaded poor Brady's new house. Helen braved the zoo and it was a great little mini SVA reunion. At one point, we realized we had 3 babies (all born within months of each other) who were napping in different rooms. When did we go from lying to our parents about whose house we were spending the night at to throwing our heads back in relief that these babes were, indeed, asleep? The only picture I could get where MK wasn't crying, Langston wasn't wrestling MK or Brady to the ground and pinning them or when Brady wasn't trying to protect his toys from the invaders! (we told them there was a dog outside so they'd stand still!)


To top it off, the girls agreed to keep their ear out for Mary Kate while I went to meet my newest love. My dear, dear friend Natalie had her second baby boy and I got to go snuggle Brooks. Natalie has been a constant encouragement to me as a new mom and watching her do this whole sha-bang again puts a little bug in my ear that maybe two wouldn't, in fact, kill me. I didn't take any pictures but I stole these without her permission! (She's too tired to read blogs and see this to yell at me anyway!). Brooks is an absolute doll who sleeps all the time, has a perfect head of black hair and most precious button nose. Here's to new life!

We are so excited for our friends and their new adventures. May God bless your travels, your new homes, new jobs, and new babies!

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