Thursday, July 14, 2011


Your birthday Mass and breakfast at the Gift of Grace. Sister Brunetta was trying to make you laugh!

That plant sings and dances and comes out at every party. You were petrified!

"So big!!"

Telling mommy all about it while everyone gets ready for your party

Why would you get into any less trouble on your birthday? You have eaten half the dirt in the pot! (your diaper cover is from memaw and aunt roo- an early nickname for our little chicken nugget!)

Telling daddy to stop cleaning the pool and come play with his girl!

So excited to see your cousins when you woke up. You had a snack while we waited for the rain to stop and take the party outside.

Joy Elizabeth stopped by and Aunt Roo made y'all matching BFF frames with your pictures from 3 months ago. Sweet Joy has gotten smaller and you got bigger!

Loving your private float rides by aunt Roo and happy that the rain stopped!

Tasting your smash cake. That was about as much as you had but it was close to 7pm at this point so you were starting to wilt! (Thanks to aunt Roo for making your birthday plate and both cakes! I promise mommy did do some things for this party (but more along the lines of toilet cleaning!)

Aunt Rae got you nice and clean and ready for presents!

Playing with uncle Steve, your Godfather while daddy rests (you had probably just been crawling on his face)

Loving all the paper and ribbons (and of course, the generous, sweet gifts)

Mary Kate Franccs, you are the absolute light and joy of our lives. That you are ONE is incomprehensible to me. Every single day brings a new trick, a new sound, a new part of your little personality. That God would love dad and I so much to give us you, that is incomprehensible too. You are truly "more precious than rubies" and we adore you. Happy 1st Birthday to our precious girl!


  1. What a fun day! Happy Birthday sweet MK! How is it possible that you are already 1! Now that Ava is crawling she can't wait to chase you!

  2. She is adorable.

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