Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The S is for...

S-eeing old friends at Mass, at dinner, walking the neighborhood.
A-avoiding all types of nutritious eating, exercise or routine
V-aluing the extra set of hands for baby duties, always eager to help
A-dmiring old moss-strewn trees, Forsyth park, the view of the ocean
N-ever forgetting the scent of the marsh or the memories made in my old neighborhood
N-eeding this break where everywhere I look I see friends, feel less anonymous
A-ccepting the wonderful life we have in the Atl but ever hopeful of a life on the coast
H-appy to be from a place that warms every part of my soul.

The S is for Savannah. We have spent a glorious week here with just a few bruises while we adjusted to life in another home. We have celebrated MK's birthday with her Savannah family, let my grandmother show off her great-grandbaby to her ladies on the cushioned handicap row at Mass, visited our friends at Saints and Shamrocks, had lots of meals out with grandparents entertaining baby, let memaw make morning bottles and turn on baby einstein. It was wonderful. It was home.

Mary Kate was RELISHING all the attention by the big girls!

The Garmany girls. Taking care of those 2 girls is what paid for my college and taught me a million life lessons along the way.  

3 second cousins born within 8 weeks of each other. Thanksgiving is about to get much more lively!

My grandmother's 5 children, all in one place. She was happy to have them all at one table. They were happy there were boiled peanuts on the table.

A sweet photo of a girl and her memaw at Bonna Bella Marina. Love the place and love those two girls!
My favorite bed-headed gal in the rocking chair we had as a child (so proud of her new-found ability to get in that chair)



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