Friday, September 2, 2011

Heard of late

Just some things I've heard lately (and of course, my take on them) as we head into the weekend.

Sunshine without the rain is the recipe for a desert. (an arab proverb).

I read this in Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas. I'm not far into the book but can tell you I'll be back with a summary soon. This quote struck me because a few friends are in dry places in their faiths or in hard places with their families/work etc. I know without a doubt that from the darkest times in my faith and in my life have come the most fruit. "Rain" isn't a bad thing. It's essential for new growth.

God cannot be stopped by your stupidity. (assoc pastor at Cumberland church)

Rob is the associate pastor at the church where we hold our MOPS meetings. My co-coordinator and I invited him to speak at our steering meeting this week. This so happened to be the day after one of the hardest parenting days for me thus far. I felt like a big ole fat loser in the mommyhood department and felt sure that MK's college fund needed to be transferred into MK's adult therapy fund. (obviously I can be dramatic but it's not far from the truth.) How wonderful it was to hear that my daily hiccups as a mother cannot stop what God will do in Mary Kate's life. No matter how many mistakes I will make as her mom, someone else is doing the hard work. Praise be!

Mary Susan, you may write on your leg with that marker but not on your shoes! (anon.)

My unnamed friend is the author of that hilarious statement. It makes me giggle.

You is kind. You is smart. You is important. (Abilene)

I could write a whole post on The Help but already wrote a review sometime last year. Plus every woman who has a pulse has read it by now. The movie did not disappoint and I enjoyed it as much as the book. It was heart-breaking and hopeful, sad and wonderful all at the same time. I imagine curling up in the bed with a school-age Mary Kate and reading this book to her at night.

Oh and Happy Happy Birthday to our favorite GrandFATHER Tim! Wish we were in Italy to celebrate with you. Make those youngins' take their older, wiser teacher out for a cold Italian beer!!

I think that's all for now. I am off to read up on college football because if I don't have something to contribute, there will be very little to talk with my husband about for the next four months. P.S. I love January.

Let's hope we're doing this a lot tomorrow night!

don't you wish your tush was this cute?!

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