Friday, January 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

I have over-heard a few things this week that I need to remember. The first was from Rachel, reminding us not to "compare our interior to someone else's exterior." Whoa dude. Because essentially, that's always what we are doing, comparing our lives, our flaws or strengths to what someone else chooses to show the world. I don't know what my friend with the big ole house feels. Maybe she wishes she had 2000 square feet less to clean. I don't know how my friend prays for an hour a day. Maybe she has some heavy stuff to fit in that hour. Bottom line: stop comparing. Add that one to the resolution list. Also overheard during our MOPS steering meeting from Amber, our resident mobile fitness and nutrition guru, was that Chick-fil-A is not a food group. That's pretty close to being blasphemy, Amber and if you were Catholic, I'd find you a confessional. While it may not technically be a food group, it does deserve its own line in my budget.

--- 2 ---
I do not get too wound up over the latest trends and "must haves." Mostly because I am that mother who puts more thought into her toddler's wardrobe but also because to see is to want. If I don't go shopping and see all the beauty to behold, I won't want it. That works a lot of the time. It didn't yesterday. In the words I taught my friend's 3-year-old to say,  I neeeed these.  Dear husband, I gave you a child. And it hurt a lot. I'll save the www the gory details. I also gave you a dog, who sheds a lot. Yeah yeah you give me a lot too but there are no holidays coming up and I'm trying hard to guilt you into a "just because" gift.  Pllllleeease. Did I mention the 40 weeks of nausea and esophogas eroding heartburn??

--- 3 ---

Ross got me this great book for Christmas. Lisa Hendey profiles 52 saints whose lives are an encouragement to moms and whose prayers have worked miracles. This week's saint is St. Zita of Lucca. She is the patron saint of domestic tasks. I think Ross must have bought the book because of her entry alone.  St. Zita was a holy woman who worked as a domestic servant. She considered the most menial tasks to be an opportunity to show her love for God and as small penances for her sins. She scrubbed and cooked and cleaned for Jesus. Hmmmmm....

--- 4 ---

We had our first MOPS steering meeting of the new year this week. At the suggestion of my co-coordinator, Stacy, we began the meeting with prayer requests. Monthly we have a prayer meeting for our steering team but Stacy felt that there was a lot going on in the lives of many of our moms and we should spend some time taking requests and praying for these women. It was such a wonderful meeting and renewed my commitment to our organization and our mission. I am so thankful to work and serve alongside such amazing women who give so much time and effort to making the lives of young moms better.

--- 5 ---
Over the Christmas holidays, we had our favorite priest-friend come into town from Italy as our houseguest for a night. We awed him with our mad parenting skills when we took him and the baby on a hike in 32 degree weather. Apparently fleece mittens are no match for that kind of cold and our poor girl was so miserable. Not so much the serene hike we wanted to give our padre. On the upside, he did offer to say Mass in our home for us and another great couple, Kelly and Ryan Smith. It is beyond humbling to have a sacrament performed in your home and we know that many blessings come from making this little house a little holier. Thank you Father Tim!

--- 6 ---

Is anyone else feeling major letdown at the mailbox these days? It is such a bummer to go out and see three pieces of junk mail, a political flyer and a bill. Someone please mail me a picture of your dog or kid or something. Thanks.

--- 7 ---

I am very excited about some travel plans coming down the pipe. They are pushing me to trust more, pray more, and have more JOY. All good things that I can't wait to share!

Have a great weekend!
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  1. Yes! I totally feel you on the post-holiday mailbox letdown! I keep running out there, thinking something will come and there's NEVER anything fun. BOO!

    Also with you on the "not seeing is not wanting" thing. : ) Going into Target is such a bad idea for me, for that very reason!