Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I should not be blogging. How I feel right now, while blogging, is the equivalent of drunk dialing. A full day with my half toddler/half monster has me questioning everything. (Yes, I know it is 5:14 and yes, I know I promised to stop analyzing during these hours. I lied.) To give you an accurate depiction of the day, Ross asked if we needed to eat dinner out. His ace card. I said no. He then asked something about guns. No guns here people but when I say no to dinner out, it's a natural next question.  I have no desire whatsoever to sit in a restaurant with toddlermonster. Can y'all tell what kind of day you will have within the first five minutes after your child wakes up? I am pretty accurate with this and today was no exception. It's just been one of those days. One of those days when I think people with multiple children are bat crazy, one of those days when I wonder what the sam heck God was thinking when he asked me to parent this kid. Surely he could have gotten someone more qualified?  I haven't yet broken into the tears waiting to flow, knowing full well that this will pass and I will be regaling you all with precious baby girl stories in no time. Please do not think I am whining but Lawd, it's just hard, y'all. 18 months is so fun, more fun each day. But it also brings a toddler who can't communicate well but knows exactly what she wants (and when). She doesn't understand discipline yet but redirecting 204,000 times a day is making me batty. I won't even put in the disclaimer about the bajillion moms whose days are harder, children more challenging. I am confident that you get where I am today. Just one of those hard mommy days where I think 5 more minutes of whining/crying might make me pull my hair out strand by strand.  Ross will come home (poor guy), he'll take the babe and the dog for a walk. I'll put on some Jesus music and cook dinner. And I know that by the time they walk in the door, I'll already be missing that "hiiiiii" coming from the mouth of toddlermonster.

picture serving simply to remind me of how sweet she was is. And I thought that stage was hard?!


  1. I have one two and even on the best of days he makes me want to snuggle him and then rip his ears off! This is THE hardest stage of them all...I attest...until about 20/22 months. The lack of communication but the strong wills coupled just make for a monster as you said. But then you take that sweet pic of her resting her mind in order to be ready to battle you the next day and it makes you think twice about her rottenness...for just a second. Anyway, hang in there - the monster starts fading and all of a sudden you have this talking/capable human and it is really a cool transformation. Pray for patience in each hour and show her grace...not grace like I dont care what you do but tell her even at her young age that you too get frustrated and want to cry but that is why you both need Jesus.

    Love you, mama.

  2. Amen and amen! You are a great mommy and she really is a great girl... even when you're at the end of your rope with her! But remember... that's where Jesus meets you - at the end of your rope - with the promise of a new (better) day and unending grace for you and for your toddlermonster! Love ya both!

  3. Every time I read your blog I feel like the words came right out of my mouth! I guess b/c we have toddlermonsters the exact same age. I am the ONLY one that can determine H's language and can figure out what he wants 75% of the time. It is so frustrating. He doesn't want to get his diaper changed, or change his clothes or put on his shoes or get in his car seat. I find bribing with cookies works best :)

    No one ever tells you Motherhood is this hard, but when they are giving you a sweet hug and kiss *most* of the whining was worth it!