Tuesday, January 24, 2012


All us Ninnesses are undergoing some painful detox this week. Ross and I, back from a beautiful vacation (separate post soon) are back in our jobs. Mary Kate is back to caregivers who actually do things in addition to playing with her every millisecond. I am back to meals involving translations of "uh uh uh and eh eh eh and nononono." We would not have it any other way, well, except for meals without grunting, but the week prior and just after a vacation make you wonder if it was worth it. It was. But whew.

We got a nice day off yesterday to settle back in, with the pure blessing of my friend Natalie's little boy with us. Thomson played and played with "Mary Cake," giving me some time to catch up on mail, laundry, etc. It really is true that sometimes two is easier than one. That reminds me of this amazing article I read. It's making its way around facebook but is written by one of my favorite authors. To the mother of only one child- go read and feel great about yourself!

Today was definitely the letdown day. I took Mary Kate to a music class at a local church and I struggled. I won't get into the details, but this is a MEGA church with MEGA money and MEGA ammenities. It looked like the Ritz. I left kind of in a funk both berating myself for judging what appears to be a lively ministry but also convicted about excess. All wrapped up in my head and unsure of why I was now in a total funk, I got lost and ended up in North Roswell. Betsy's blog had me craving a lunch out and I called husband. He detected the voice and his reply of yes could be translated as "no matter how much this lunch costs, it will be less painful than crazy wife later." (Did I just mention excess??) Anyway- my little detour did end in lunch but not until poor MK fell asleep in the car. No amount of go-go gadget arms tickling her face, sticking my finger in her nose could wake her up. And that 10 minute catnap at 11:00 has destroyed her 1:00 nap (as it is now 1:47 and poor girl is still crying).  That may the final straw in the "should I turn her carseat around" debate.

So we're back home and I am supposed to be making work calls all afternoon and can't muster the umph to do anything. These first few days back from vacation truly do feel like detox but I know we'll be up and running again soon.

My apologies for the rambling and some cell phone sweetness to, as my dad would say, get my butt off my shoulders!

love her hand on his back. they played like this for hours!

maybe making sure dad didn't drop the food on his shirt??


  1. Lunch out every once in a while is good medicine...especially with hubs there to help with the bambino! I love the article...one, two, or seven kids - it's hard! It selfless and that in itself is hard.

  2. That article is fabulous! Love it. And lunch out is SO HARD to say no to!

  3. We just returned from vacation too (except our bambino was with us so it was not really vacation).

    The week before and the week after made me realize it was not worth it! We need an adult only vacation to relax from our family vacation.

    Great article. It has been hard to realize that you never get any alone time. I have thought the same things about husband leaving every morning and going to the bathroom alone - so jealous!