Monday, July 30, 2012

Top Eleven

Top Ten eleven things I am waaay, waaay over right now:

  1. 2 year molars and the accompanying no sleeping, congestion, runny nose and general misery they cause. Also the fact that they are apparently so named because they take 2 friggin years to come in.
  2. The Chick-fil-a story. I'm thinking Syria, the number of kids lingering in foster care or Bloomberg wanting to lock up formula deserve a little air time too.
  3. Summer. It's hot. I'm as huge as our power bill which is freakishly big.
  4. Heartburn and shortness of breath. Yes, yes, I'd go through it 400 times for this baby but it doesn't mean I'm not over it.
  5. Complaints on facebook status updates (not to be confused with complaining on blogs.) Phone a friend, people. Per your profile, you have 2,482 of them.
  6. Summer tv. I anticipate that the best thing about having a fall baby is a dvr full of new episodes just waiting on the 2 am feeding.
  7. Dog hair.
  8. Bed rest.
  9. Mary Kate asking for 'crackers' though nothing remotely resembling a cracker meets the definition of what the heck a cracker is in her toddler brain.
  10. Baby name discussions. Previously one of my all time favorite topics, now a reason to bang my head on a wall.
  11. Cellulite.


  1. you make me laugh - love your list (and agree with it completely!!)

  2. ha - love the list. also just realized that we have both recently posted "eleven" things.