Monday, July 2, 2012

sweet memories

my almost 2-yr old little girl, using baby brother or sister for a pillow while we watch the 1,000,000th video of the day

this girl loves her puppy more than life

and loves to share her snacks with him

this was my most precious view before Mass Sunday

and by "before," I mean, before she grabbed the popcorn popper and ran through the house while Father attempted to say Mass and "before" Ross tried to take her out of Mass only to be subjected to blood-curdling screams.

A week from today, this dog-loving, "seester" loving, daddy-adoring, tantrum throwing, beautiful girl turns 2. We will celebrate this weekend by me sacrificing my recliner for a hard, Cathedral pew so that MK can be her toddler-self in a church nursery. It will be worth it, trust me.


  1. Hi Keri,

    Found your blog via Camp Patton. I've been to the Missionaries of Charity in Atlanta before. A beautiful home. My husband's family lives in Atlanta. We have the Sisters here in Charlotte too. They are such a blessing. Is Sister Drita Maris still there? Did you know her? She was a dear Sister who was in Charlotte for many years.


    1. Hi Mara,

      I know sister drita maris well! She was one of the first MC's I got to know. I think she is still in memphis. Before my toddler was born, I worked in HIV social work at our inner city hospital and the sisters took in many of my undocumented or poor patients. My first date with my husband was in their home and their prayers have literally carried me through a difficult pregnancy. Is it the Gift of Peace in charlotte? What special ladies!! Hope your day is wonderful!

    2. Yes, we thank God for the gift of having them here. So neat that you know her too! It amazes me how easily "connectable" we all can at times be in our Catholic faith :) She was in Charlotte an unusually long period of time, so my family and I got to know Sr. Drita well. She blessed my life with her love and guidance. I tutored at the MC's after-school program and helped with their summer camps while in high school and college when she was there. My family also helped with delivering Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to shut-ins over the years.
      Wow, what beautiful work you were in and how the MC's were able to help your patients. Before I became a SAHM, I worked at a Catholic maternity and after care program and worked closely with the MC's too (referring clients to each other's programs based on the specific need) as the Sisters started temporary maternity housing in Charlotte a few years ago.
      I can't think of many better places to have a first date :)

      Whenever my family needs urgent prayers (or we know someone who does) the first thing we do is call the Sisters. Prayer warriors. :)

      Praying for you and baby for health, safety, and that you will reach as close to your due date as possible.


  2. We love your sweet (and sassy) 2 yr old! Those are precious memories! Thanks for sharing them!