Friday, August 24, 2012

7 quick takes Friday, 36 week edition

--- 1 ---
I am 36 weeks and 3 days pregnant! And you know the best part about that (besides that whole thisclose to full term thing?) Weekly doctor's appointments.  And why, you ask, is that so super-fantastic. Because it means that once a week I get to drive. alone. Without hearing "new song! new song please! new song now mama!" on repeat from the back seat. My child like her father fancies herself a music mogul and is simply not down with Casting Crowns. Sorry whoever the lead singer is of this wonderful band. Alone car time is one of the small luxuries I am learning to l.o.v.e. Poke me, prod me, violate my dignity in any way you choose. Just give me an excuse to drive alone!
--- 2 ---
Another great thing about weekly doc appointments is that they give me an excuse to go through the drive-thru for a snack. As I was in line for my egg mcmuffin minus the egg and big sweet tea yesterday, I realized that it is kind of disgusting how often I am talking to humans through an intercom. Okay, so totally for another post, but Ross and I have a great system for spending money that the other person might find frivolous, unnecessary, or down right gross. Email me for more details but in all seriousness, this one financial decision might be in the top 3 best decisions we've made in our marriage. The only problem is, there is no paper trail of my drive-thru addiction. And I'm starting to think I may need some accountability. Maybe I'd do it less if during monthly budget reviews I had to see his face as he saw 45 charges to name your favorite fast food and I guarantee I've had it this week. I also think that a reminder that mama could buy just about any shoes she wanted with the money she spends on transfats and drinks that rust nails might help me reduce. I don't think I have the discipline to let Ross in on my little nasty habit but come time to get rid of baby weight, I might need some help!
--- 3 ---
While I do have an abominable addiction to any and all fast food, this week I had a good excuse. We have had painters here that were naturally supposed to finish Tuesday evening and will be back this morning. They have been mostly wonderful but I haven't had access to my house or kitchen and I have a toddler and I was on bedrest for the first part of the week. Um. yuck. We ate out every single meal and I am pretty close though don't hold your breath to being dunzo with eating out. Anyway, I was gettin' uber cranky with the week and with every human I came into contact with. I sent Ross off to tennis Wednesday night with a few snarky remarks and put myself to bed early. I prayed to God, telling him that I knew I was being a total jerk and needed to, as my dad would say, get my butt off my shoulders. In sweeter terms, I needed to wake up with a new, kinder, more grateful heart. So I put my crappy attitude to bed and woke up early. Ross and baby were still asleep so I perused twitter and the very first tweet was from Fr. Larry Richards. He posts scripture daily and I kid you not, the first thing I read after that evening prayer was " I will give you a new heart and place a new spirit within you." (Ezekiel 36:26). Y'all, it was uncanny. A big "hey, kid, I'm right here" from God. Naturally, yesterday was a whole lot better.
--- 4 ---
Now, speaking of reading scripture via twitter, I'm wondering if this is a good use of technology or a pathetic cop out?  I was delightfully surprised to see my friend Ashley N at the coffee house Wednesday morning and we mentioned the ever present need for quiet time with God. I sheepishly admitted to her that the bulk of my scripture reading lately has been via twitter courtesy of some techno-hip priests, nuns and more spiritual than I lay people. Now, I totally believe that there is no substitute for sitting your behind down and opening the Bible. Especially if you want your kid to grow up doing that too. I was going to say, "but" but I won't. Writing this makes me feel like a goob. I may not be ready for accountability in the fast food department but mark my words people, I will open la Biblia today. (tho will probably also peruse my 140 character scripture too. I am sensing a "fast" theme here. ouch.)
--- 5 ---
Totally unrelated but I went to the doc yesterday and am even closer to having this baby. I slept awfully last night because seeing as how I'm halfway to being ready to push, I am petrified that by the time we get someone here to to take care of MK and get down to the hospital, there will be no time for my epidural. I am waaay scared of a natural birth and may God bless all of you who have done it. Seriously. One day I want that kind of courage but not this go around. I am thankful that my body is willing to dilate (well, maybe not so thankful since it started at 26 weeks!) but we need contractions for the hospital to let me in the door. I just posted about being secure that God has this in His control. But today, I'm less sure. Aforementioned opening of la Biblia should help. Please.
--- 6 ---
I will write a big sappy post once this baby is here about all that bedrest has taught us, about how it has changed me and my marriage to Ross, and about how hugely I have seen how God loves me through other people. It baffles me that in the throws of dark young adult years, I questioned His ability to love me. This week alone, 3 friends, one of them family, have stepped in to care for MK while we gave baby brother or sister one last push at a healthy start. My OB was smiling from ear to ear, hugging me she was so excited that we're here. To every one of you who has dropped off food, picked up my kid, entertained her, loved her when I couldn't or needed a break or taken a few minutes to pray for us, thank you will never be enough. I do believe that the greatest gift you can give someone is to let them see Jesus bigger, brighter, more clearly. He is oh so big and bright and clear to me now because of each of you. Whoa crying.
--- 7 ---
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  1. i love you lady...and need about a week to catch up on your life. i need not tell you how life kinda gets away from you, but i always am refreshed after reading your blog. it is like you are sitting next to me drinking your tea while i down a diet drink that is probably rotting my insides. oh well, cheers.

    love you girly. cannot wait to catch up for reals. and ps - you've got this. i have all the confidence in the world in you. :)