Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ramblings and suggestions needed

My goal is to try to get something on paper besides 7 quick takes Friday each week but I'm very busy waddling around, translating toddler talk, and thinking about where my next drive-thru experience will be. With a baby coming any day now, I'm trying to soak up time with my girl and enjoy the 2 hrs of sleep I get in between potty breaks. I am officially full-term now and that deserves a way lot more than one sentence. Before its scheduled eviction in a few weeks, this babe could be born on any number of special days. It could share a birthday with my grandma, Fr. Tim, cousin Ben or the Virgin Mary. It could be born on Mother Teresa's feast day or Katrina and Cory's anniversary. Since that anniversary is the soonest, it's clearly got my vote.
                    ----break to read the Very Busy Spider. 3 times.------

Okay I'm back. I even did the noises. Mother of the year up in here! Anywho. I'm trying to spend the days doing things I won't be doing for a few weeks while I perpetually feed little humans. I splurged on a babysitter yesterday to redeem my mother's day gift from MK and get a pre-natal massage. And folks, we may have found a cure for the fast food addiction. I'm about to do the math on how many chicken strips or big teas I'd have to give up to get a massage each month. Now, that massage made me so hungry that I raced home (also so as not to pay the sitter another bazillion dollars.) and grabbed MK for a chick-fil-a lunch. (painters were back. I had a good excuse. this time.) And back to the sitter? I had a master's degree and a big girl job and didn't charge for 2 kids what this girl, precious as she was, charged for one. Good news is I had noooo problem asking her to make sure the house wasn't a wreck when I got home. Clean house, happy baby, massaged mama = worth the cost of a CHOPS dinner.

So, my question for y'all, especially newer mamas or those with good memories, what would you suggest I do these next days that I'll wish I did once perpetual eater comes home? And don't say sleep. Baby is positioned inside my bladder apparently so even with the blessing of tylenol pm, sleep is not happenin'. Don't say take a walk either. Baby is only halfway still indoors so walking is way not comfortable (hence the DRIVE-THRU.)

A few photos of days a la team Ninness...

Love this bed head, especially when it follows a  long nap. Not to be confused with the last week of bed head following no nap.

after Church last week. "off off! she begs of her church clothes." Apparently mom's necklace is all that is needed for some morning play time.

And this is what it looks like when a woman 9 months pregnant tries to get ready to go anywhere besides the mailbox. If you see me and I'm not wearing inappropriately tight shorts, yoga pants or a night gown, consider yourself on the same level as the queen of England.

Okay- off to buy diapers and Clorox 2 (I had no idea what this was and have since been nominated worst housewife in the history of housewives.) If it doesn't get out McDonald's fries grease stains, someone is paying me back for this thing of detergent/stain remover/whatever the heck it is.)



  1. Loved this post! And I don't really have any good ideas about what to do, but was wondering if you would do a post with all the good suggestions you get (no rush....after baby comes, and life is feeling normal again!)....Not that I have number 2 on the way (yet), but would love some ideas when I do!

    And congratulations on being almost there, girl! I'll be praying for you. : )

  2. both of my final days I enjoyed the one I was with (that's a song from the 70's you know). I dont mean it in a general way but I literally did all of our favorite things, ate out, and enjoyed being on the floor with the older kid (s) even if it was hard to get down there because I knew my hands would be tied to baby once the baby was here. Oh- and SOAK up those sweet teas and desserts because there is no guilt when you are still pregnant. But I didnt "just" have a baby anymore and I hate that I can't use that excuses. I don't suggest a "final" date night bc you may just get frustrated the next week when baby is still cooking and you have to keep doing the final things over again. Love to you sweet mama!

  3. my suggestions: date night and/or go to a movie (in the theater!) -- that's what I missed in those early infancy months! Still SO happy you're full term, and can't wait to hear all the news when (s)he arrives.

  4. keri, so happy you're to this point! hold mk, hug mk and ross together, cherish this last little bit of time as a family of three. it's funny: life changes when you have your first child, but then it changes again. soak it up. as much as you are ready to have this baby, TRY to live in the present. and do not stress about the house. who cares if your picture frames need dusting or you could really stand to clean the bathrooms. heck, maybe splurge and have your house cleaned. praying for you!

    ps - and girl, prenatal massages is where it's AT! do that again if you can. the massage therapist i went to worked out of the hospital, so i could book her while i was there post-delivery....AWEsome!