Friday, August 17, 2012

Likes and Dislikes

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Likes this week:
  • Baby's still baking
  • MOPS started and was awesome. LOVE that group of ladies!
  • Mary Kate's first unprompted "wud you mama." (love you mama)
  • newborn size diapers
  • a friend randomly dropping off cupcakes from McEntyre's bakery
  • another friend offering her house for us to use while we stupidly tackle a last minute house project
  • another friend assuring me she'll leave her babe and husband at home and come to my house should we go into labor at night. So humbled by the generosity of this offer and so relieved we won't be schlepping MK out at night.
  • family dinner out with my favorite man and favorite girl

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  • My body gettin' real serious about an exit plan for baby. Back on bedrest for another week, maybe 2.
  • Facebook timeline. I have until August 22 to decide if I'm dunzo with fb or if I want life with a timeline. Serious problems up in here.
  • 3rd trimester hormones and resulting exasperated husband
  • women who complain about being sooo ready to have a baby, as if newborns are a slice of apple pie.
  • that I have turned into that woman, especially knowing what kind of newborn I birth (yes, every kid is different. nope, still no hope of birthing an easy baby.)
  • share it to win it facebook posts
  • my current prayer life. Despite needing it more than ever, I'm in a slump.
  • the inability to do some fun, family of 3 activities before baby comes. I know healthy baby trumps all but still sad. Will just work harder to make the little moments at home special.


  1. A healthy and happy family of 4 is just around the corner! Prayers for the final days of pregnancy, bedrest, family of 3, etc. XOXO!

  2. Your blog made me laugh, please don't give up on Facebook - I love seeing your pictures too much. And, take it from me, you will soon be surprised that you don't long for (or even remember) what your family was like with just one little one. Prayers for the next two weeks!!