Sunday, October 14, 2012

7 quick takes, Sunday edition this time

pretend that says Sunday
--- 1 ---
This morning's gospel reading was from Mark chapter 10. "Jesus looked around and said to his disciples, "How hard it is for those who have wealthto enter the kingdom of God!"  The disciples were amazed at his words.  So Jesus again said to them in reply, "Children, how hard it is to enter the kingdom of God!  It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for one who is rich to enter the kingdom of God."

I wondered how Father Frank, preaching to a very affluent parish, was going to address this.  I was happy to hear him challenge us to what "abundance" we have in our lives that keeps us from Jesus. In this story, Jesus tells a man to go, sell what he has, and follow Him. He was referring to this man's actual earthly possessions. For some people, I guess God does ask. I think of Katie, of Kisses from Katie, who did leave everything she had for Jesus. But for many of us, there are other barriers to growing closer to him, that don't include physical money. For me, I know I spend precious time when kids aren't crying or eating or pooping on the internet. Not in scripture, or reflection or quiet time. The world wide web certainly is my "wealth" right now and it is keeping me from more precious time spent with God.
--- 2 ---
On a similarly profound note, I went shopping for skinny jeans 4.5 weeks post partum. I am clearly donating all my brain cells to my milk supply. Stooopid.
--- 3 ---
I took Mary Kate to a birthday party yesterday without little Thomas. It was our first outing just the two of us and I cherished it. We will definitely be dividing some on the weekends. I forgot how much fun that kid can be when I'm not trying to entertain her with a baby nuzzled against me. She's such an amazing little girl.
--- 4 ---
I am putting together a short devotional for our MOPS meeting Wednesday. I was looking through Always There: Reflections for Moms on God's Presence and was struck by a reference to Gary Thomas's Sacred Marriage. He asks the question, "What if God designed marriage to make us holy instead of happy?"  He showed examples throughout the Bible of strong marriages and says "Happy, though some may have been in certain moments, holy is what saw them through." I have thought of this often in the last few days and while I consider myself very happy at this time in life, I know "happy" is a feeling that is fleeting. Holy, if I put in the right effort, is something I can be every day.
--- 5 ---
Tonight our little family of 4 sat on the patio of our favorite St. Angelo's. Ross and I had a Killian's Red, MK colored and ate pizza, while Thomas slept. It was gorgeous outside. We talked about our hopes for school for MK, where or if we should move, and how we both felt pretty content lately- and what a gift that is. I looked at him and boldly said, "I feel like we've got this. I feel the opposite of overwhelmed." I know it takes one tantrum and one gassy baby to send that the other direction but it was a nice night as a family and I treasured it.
--- 6 ---
All that said, the transition to 2 hasn't been seamless. While sooo much easier than the transition to 1 big ole fussy girl baby 2 years ago, the logistics involved in just getting in the car are still kicking my rear. You need to be much more organized than I am to get 1 adult and 2 children anywhere even remotely in one piece. This doesn't bode well for the season o' traveling that begins later this month. I will channel my inner Ann Voskamp though and simply be grateful that my biggest problems these days are trying to figure out how to make a size 5 diaper fit on a size 1 baby because mama forgot to restock the diaper bag. again.
--- 7 ---
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  1. Love this! Love the conviction, love the contentment in your life at the moment, love your sweet family and love your honesty! Thanks!