Monday, January 28, 2013


Just some things I've recently read or heard that made me think, smile or sigh...

"Bates. Anna. Yawn." Rachel B in a great review of Downton Abbey

"Mary Kate, STOP PUTTING JESUS IN THE TOILET." ~ yours truly

"mommy, Jesus doesn't like swimming in the tee tee." ~ a future theologian

In a joke told by Fr. Frank Sunday, "a little boy was sitting with his father listening to a terribly boring homily by Monsignor Corbett. He pointed to the red light above the sanctuary (representing that Christ is present) and said, Dad, when that light turns green can we please go."

While walking behind a little boy into the chick-fil-a playground and smelling a little somethin', MK says oh so matter of factly (and loudly), Mama, that boy has gas. Die.

Today, when being inticed by sweets for a little number two in the potty, MK says "mama, we needa go buy some ice cream for when daddy goes poo poo."

On a non-potty-training note-a little bit of Fr.'s homily from Sunday on a question I often get asked "Why do I need to go to Church. I can experience Jesus in nature, etc?"
Do you need to come to church to see the divine? NO! You can see divinity all around the world- in the flowers, in a mother kissing a child's knee, in a man helping an elderly woman with her groceries, in art, in music. Why do you need to come to church? Because it frees us from our self-delusions that we are the center of the world. When we come to church, we see that the world is big, that people come from all corners of the world, including corners we don't really like. We sit shoulder to shoulder with people we may not even like and are reminded that people all over the planet are celebrating the Eucharist at the same time. We walk into a church and can be humbled that we are just a small part of a big world. ~ Father Frank McNamee

"Courage does not always roar. sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying 'I will try again tomorrow.' -Mary Anne Radmacher, by way of my sweet friend Elizabeth.

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