Friday, February 1, 2013

Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
It's been a roller coaster of a week around here. We committed a family sin by packing too much into last weekend so, by Monday, I wasn't exactly refreshed and ready for a week o' chil'ren. Monday was hard. It was one of those melodramatic "I am not a good mom and can't do this' kind of days. Mary Kate totally picked up on my heinous mood and was herself in a heinous mood. Two Ninness women in a heinous mood is a recipe for natural disaster. And it was. But thanks to a really understanding husband and some reflection time, I remembered what ingredients are always present in a good day: prayer, exercise, hydration and getting out of the house with the kids, even just for a pizza run trip to costco for milk.
--- 2 ---
After a day in which my child's nose was permanently fixed in a corner, we changed directions. Anyone in a remedial child rearing class knows that positive reinforcement almost always yields better results than negative ones. So, we now have the "Mary Kate's Doing Great" chart! It's amazing what that kid will do for a stamp on the "listen and obey" line. I have said it before and will say it again, I was a much smarter parent before I became a parent.
--- 3 ---
The mamas of boys of the world have been holding out on me. No one told me how that little man child would grab hold of my heart with no chance of letting it go. He is scrumptious. He is a total butterball, short and round and perfect. And if I so much as cut my eyes his direction, he smiles so big it takes up his whole face. THIS is why people get fooled into thinking they can have kids close together and not go crazy. That smile, that perfection in a round body, almost convinces me I could do it again and again and again. Thankfully, his big sister usually chimes in with an "I tee tee'd on the floor mama" , eliminating any delusions about a 3rd arrival any.time.soon.
--- 4 ---
One of those Huffington post articles was all over facebook recently. This one was on things not to say to a working mom. I was sharing it with a friend and we were talking about it. She was quick to point out that everyone makes choices and each one comes with sacrifices of some sort. (We were talking about the very very small segment of the population who is blessed to have a choice on whether or not to work outside the home.) Anyway, I was quickly convicted that I, too, made a choice. This past terrible Monday, Ross asked me if  I wanted to go back to work, if that's what I needed. He was asking sincerely and I thought about it sincerely. And for now, the answer is no. But I have to be an adult and acknowledge that I have a choice and I made a choice. So, yes, there are horrid, horrid winter days (totally feeling you here Betsy).  There are days when I so badly want a bigger home, beautifully decorated and a housekeeper solely dedicated to Mack's hair. There are days when I feel so lonely and isolated and crave just a few minutes of uninterrupted adult interaction. But I choose to be home. I have to take all that comes with that choice and do my best to stop complaining about a decision that I, myself, made.
--- 5 ---
I had dinner with a precious friend last night. She was in my Athens bible study for years and is now a crazy successful pharmacist all around fantastic human. It was a wild night for 4 reasons. A) I was sans kids for a whole meal. B) we were in line behind Jake Gyllenhall for like 15 minutes, as in RIGHT behind him. C) I ate a veggie burger (jury's still out). D. Jennifer introduced me to barre3 and after 2 videos, I'm hooked. Which is saying a lot because I am NOT a workout video kind of girl. But since I am clearly now a "only leave my house for 3 purposes kind of girl," this was born out of necessity and is so far, ah-mazing. The whole night was totally worth the effort to find clothes without drool or spit up on them.
--- 6 ---
We are house hunting and (hopefully) home selling and preschool hunting and job hunting. It's a lot of hunting and a lot of impending decisions for this hater of decision making. Luckily, my husband is a methodical, lover of spreadsheets kind of guy and is pretty great at pulling triggers. Basically it all boils down to, drum roll please, fully trusting in God's plan for MK's education, where we will raise our children and where Ross will best be able to provide for us. SOOO much easier typed than done. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3 has been with me through many a life change so we'll keep repeating it.
--- 7 ---
I'm all out of life changing material so I'll leave you with this pic of my sweet boy.  I'd live the rest of my life on bedrest to get to have this baby.
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