Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Half birthday for Mr. T

My dreamboat baby is 6 months old and every cliche in the world fits. How is he halfway to one year old?  After those first 12 weeks of 4th trimester torture, it has flown by. I cannot believe it. I'll add stats tomorrow after his appointment for the inevitable comparisons of children but for now, a few facts about my favorite little man.

  • is mostly an easy baby. He definitely likes to be held (what baby doesn't) but if he's dry and fed, is generally happy to play in the exercaucer or bumbo.
  • immediately stops squaking if we go outside.
  • is starting to interact with Mary Kate and, as all moms of more than one kid say, this is the best part about growing your family.
  • has the best, biggest smile ever.
  • has the best, biggest belly ever.
  • loves nothing more than being in the bath.
  • is an action man. Bounce him on your lap, throw him in the air, dance with him, he's happy.
  • looks for his dad. If Ross is anywhere to be found, T is stretching his neck to find him. Watch the two of them for 5 seconds and you'll see.
  • still loves his mama. feeling is beyond mutual
  • takes 2-3 naps a day and the more consistent I am with watching the clock and not getting him overtired, the better the naps are (duh).
  • likes a paci and can (finally) hold it in his mouth!!
  • wakes up once a night when he can't find that paci. monster created. Don't care though because waking up once to  give him that thing is totally worth the insta-cork it provides during the day
  • hates the car for any rides longer than 12 minutes. Gonna be a long trip to his first St. Patrick's day parade this weekend!
  • started solid food this month. so far oatmeal and carrots are a hit. trying to not to do too much so we don't sacrifice milk supply but our little chunk was definitely ready for food that doesn't taste like diet coke.
  • loves the bjorn despite mama's preference for the back preserving ergo.
  • will easily take a nap in the ergo though which is so nice for flexibility in our day.
  • is a round, round little butterball and we adore him.
sweet snuggle time

sweet smother snuggle time

big sister abuse

more big sister abuse (note bow)

2 favorites, his mama and his reflection

learning how to eat/gnaw on a spoon

tis the season for food hidden in the no-neck.


  1. such a cutie pie!!! He looks so much like Ross!! Good luck going to Sav this weekend. God bless the parents of children who hate the car...

  2. He is adorable!!! Wish we could have a playdate. So glad both of our babies take a paci!!!!!!