Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend with the grandparents

Just wanted to post a few quick photos of Mary Kate's great weekend with her grandparents. My mom and dad came up to help me take Mary Kate to see Santa at Phipps since her dad refused :) I will say that our experience has me thinking Phipps is a little full of itself and I don't know that we'll be back. But we've got photo proof that our girl did meet Santa and while she was not so sure of him, she was too young to be afraid.

We also took the chance to take some family photos and neither of our children cooperated simultaneouslly though I suspect we have a lifetime of that dilemma coming our way :)

My parents kept MK while Ross and I went on a real date and drank real sangria and did not change one real diaper. It was fabulous! We have not gone out too much in the last 4 months so it makes these nights so sweet! Thanks mom and dad for loving on our girl while we remembered what it was like to eat without a child laid across our lap :)

Another post coming on how God is answering prayer after prayer about fellowship, purpose, and peace. If it doesn't make it up before the holidays, may you all have wonderful thanksgivings, filled with gratitude for all the goodness in our lives!


  1. Someone convinced me to bring Anna to Phipps when she was a baby, and we've just made our 3rd visit to Santa's lap 2 weeks ago. I laughed when I asked Anna, "What do we say to Santa?" and she replied, "Happy Halloween!" I'm looking at our annual Phipps Santa photos that are framed for the holidays this year, and they are great, but I wonder if they are great enough to deal with the craziness in getting an appointment. Phipps is definitely "full of itself."

  2. MK is just gorgeous. So sweet.