Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cell phone dump

I lost our camera- our new, saved for, researched, camera. The good news is that the guy at Enterprise (crazy car situation lately) remembers seeing it. The bad news is, he can't find it. Poor guy probably wishes he had lied and said he hadn't seen it for all the grief I've been sending their way. Still hoping St. Anthony pulls through because I'm pretty sad. While I try to keep in perspective that a camera is a "thing" and that while we are not able/going to buy a new one right now, I will keep taking bad blackberry photos. The quality doesn't make me smile. The subject lights up my life. So, in the event that all we have to record the first half of 2012 is a blackberry, here we go.

playing in her room, Easter 2012

I am sure she is begging loudly for "e-i-o, e-i-o" which used to be the Baby Einstein Old MacDonald movie but is now the "baby animals" Einstein show. Holy animal obsession. Giving her Frances as a middle name was fitting!

not the best photo but this is the first time she "danced" with someone other than daddy. Grant is our sweet friend and we couldn't be happier of her choice for that first non-daddy dance!

just a cute breakfast photo. 90% of that would end up in Mack's mouth. Guarantee.
No disney princesses for this girl and her dad. Ross always sings "abba, father" to MK at night but we both only knew one verse. He broke out the hymnal my mom stole from Blessed Sacrament (we used to sing hymns to calm her on those tortuous car rides and got tired of making up words :) Now he knows more verses and MK breaks into "abbbba" many times a day. So sweet!
got this peapod for a major steal at Kindermart. I have almost no faith that MK will sleep in this on trips but it definitey works for a rainy day activity for now!
We have a small trail by our house and on one evening when Ross was out of town, I surprised MK and Mack with a nature walk (usually this is totally dad's job). Hate that she looks 4 to me in this pic
just like this pic of our girl showing mama her "teeth"

sweet Easter photo. Love that the sun puts a "glow" on her. 30 seconds later she was throwing a monster fit.

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