Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Flower girl, etc

Our sweet girl was a flower girl this weekend at my cousin Daniel's wedding. Daniel and Krista are a beautiful couple and we were honored to be a part of the wedding. The church Ross and I were married in asks that flower girls be 5 years old to participate in the wedding. I previously thought that was crazy but now I think they are very, very wise! Seriously though, MK did a great job despite a total overhaul in schedule and being in a hot dress with mosquitos only Savannahians can understand! She waved going down the aisle saying hi to everyone. For full disclosure, she then got to our seat, tooted, and yelled to the 45 guests during a quiet moment that she had filled up her diaper. And just as I was thinking about how sweet and dainty my little girl was being...

feeding the ducks with granddaddy on a gorgeous Savannah afernoon
A facebook re-post but this is exactly how every single car trip since July 9, 2010 has gone. You name it, we have tried it. It is truly the protection of God that has gotten us through unscathed. If it weren't for the lady below, we would never go to Savannah. Mom, thank grandma please.

This was actually back in November during my half marathon weekend. I love that two of my favorite people on the planet are just smiling at each other. As I said, it is because this lady can't travel that I even entertain the idea of tortuing ourselves every car ride home!

found this on mom's camera while we were home. It was taken when Ross and I returned home from a wedding weekend in May. We didn't even make it into the house. My first time away was oh so hard and hasn't gotten any easier. How I love this wild girl!

another found on mom's camera. Look how tiny my precious girl was? I am so so so thankful that soon I'll get to have that same feeling. Even if new baby wants to eat 24/7 and sleep only during daylight hours, I know I'll feel as happy as I look in this photo of July 2010!

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