Saturday, June 30, 2012

7 quick takes Friday, on Saturday. Again.

 --- 1 ---
Soooo, week 2 of posting my 7 Quick takes Friday on a Saturday. I don't really love Fridays since my bed rest sentencing. Friday means the weekend is here. And while I love love having my husband home (and not just because he does everything. Because I miss him), the weekends are when people do fun stuff. They exercise and then meet a friend or a cute hubby for breakfast. They check out garage sales or go sit at the bookstore while baby gets some qt with daddy. They go out to Mexican for dinner. Weekends are events. Unless, of course, your weekend means more couch time. Insert whining.
--- 2 ---
The best thing about bed rest is the realization that for at least a week after I am released from this sentence, I will NOT take my life for granted. (Ross, please skip this part lest you decide to use it against me later.) I literally just read a post about the many uses of white vinegar and SO BADLY wanted to go clean our toilets. I want to oxyclean Mary Kate's pizza covered smocked outfits and mop our floors and Magic eraser our tubs. I want to RUN RUN RUN like I'm being chased. I want to make our bed and cook a meal. Well, maybe not cook a meal. Let's not get away with ourselves. But as most of us will find in our lifetimes, you don't miss something until it's gone. Including housework and exercise.
--- 3 ---
I realize that I am blogging a ridiculous amount. I feel that I need to mention the rest in the bed in every post so folks won't think I'm the biggest lame-o around. It helps keep me sane. I also do it out of love for my friends who spend naptime "talking" about needing to get housework done but read blogs the whole time, or those who are laid up in a recliner waiting on babies to be born, or those up at 3:30am with that new baby, or sweet LaNoral. See, I CAN serve others from my sofa!
--- 4 ---
I am allowed some brief adventures out of the house. Doc has given the okay for Sunday Mass, which is huge for my mental health. Thankfully the Gift of Grace has recliners in their living room. Wonder if more people would go to Mass if they could do it from a leather recliner? Not complainin'. Am also allowed out for quick interviews with host families since it involves sitting at a table. Last night, I met a precious family and loved talking to them About how their new au pair will enhance their lives. For a second, I felt like a social worker again, making someone's life just a wee better. But it could have also been from the "I am not in my house" endorphins. See, it's not all bad around here, despite how tired I get of it. Am thankful to still get to worship with my family and add a little income to whittle down those hospital bills!
--- 5 ---
In our effort to make it feel like a weekend, we have some delish food ready for a pool day. And since tonight is the only night we won't have someone living with us (since June 8 and until mid August!), we have a picnic date night on our living room floor. Ross is at the store with MK (hahahaha!) picking up cheese, crackers, french bread, fruit, and summer sausage. I will have a small glass of wine and probably wear something not sold at Nike. Super excited for a makeshift date night with my favorite date.
--- 6 ---
I had a very real dream last night that this baby is a girl and in the dream, fiiinally decided between our two girl names. Ross reminded me that Archbishop Gregory promised him a boy (if you recall, it was not from any divine inspiration but rather from Ross helping him scale the 90 degree angle driveway Of the Gift of Grace safely into the road.) So we'll see if my dream or the AB's promises ring true.
--- 7 ---
Age two is kicking my sedentary rear. HOLY COW. Please no comments about how 3 is the new 2 or I might not make it. Between what BETTER be incoming teeth resulting in weeks of night waking, an incapacitated mama, new faces every week, and general "my way or I'll scream so loudly one of your DFCS friends will come calling," it can get U.G.L.Y. Over here. I don't know that parenting her would be much easier from the upright position, but mama has spent some time sitting in the corner while MK screams into the wall for 10 minutes. That stubbornness is all her daddy, just so you know. Oh, did I mention she's not two for another week. I know my husband politely asked me to not kill time on Amazon any longer but I am about to order a white flag. And some Xanax.
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  1. You are cracking me up! Thanks for guilting me into not "talking" about my housework but actually doing some of it... or reading blogs... or watching trash tv... take your pick. Hope you and your sweet hubby enjoyed your date night! Don't raise the white flag just yet... I'll rescue you by kidnapping your kiddo anytime you need!

  2. Love it! And you're providing cleaning advice...have to try that vinegar out on the toilets... and YES I would love to attend church from a recliner...sounds GREAT! 2 months will fly and you'll have 2 gorgeous babies to run after...lots of running.

  3. I love reading your constant posts. I think you are doing a great job at bed rest especially for the social butterfly and mover/shaker that you are! Hang in there. You'll look back and you won't remember the lengthy days but all the support you had from others and the strength you had. You're constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Love you lots.