Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten Minute Tuesday

One of my favorite bloggers, friend (of a friend but now feeling bold enough to call her my friend) Rachel has begun hosting ten minute tuesdays. The goal is to spend 10 minutes writing about any old thing. And since there is all of nada in my brain besides lactating, sleep habits of new born vampires, and getting toddlers to obey, that's what this ten minutes will entail. Many apologies. I figure at the very least, it will keep me from having a month in between posts. At most, it will involve at least one coherant sentence.

Anyway...we are on day 8 of life with little Tommy (still figuring out what we'll call him. Thomas is coming off the tongue most often but I get a little crazy about how names sound together and Thomas Ninness seems oh so heavy on the ssss.) So Thomas, Tommy, Tom, Toms (Mary Kate's fav but I think because she likes her TOMS shoes) is really a dreamboat. He's really not even a terror at night because despite not sleeping much at night, he's not really fussing either. It's easy to love him, even at 4 am.

Now, breastfeeding a newborn, I forgot so much. Thankfully a dear friend from Athens was (is?) a lactaction consultant and quickly answers frantic facebook messages. I forgot how flipping often, how quickly it can go awry, how awkward nursing in public can be. My child likes to gulp gulp for 5 minutes and then pass the heck out. I was all worried about this until weight check and apparently those are an efficient 5 minutes because he's up way past his birthweight. I was so giddy after that appointment that I ignored my promise to limit the drive-thru experience and got myself a tea and cookie to celebrate. I justified this because I wanted to get our Natalie a prize too just for being so awesome during all of this. If she gets a peach milkshake, I at least get a tea for all my lactating success, right?

After feeling all "Miss hasitogether" (thank you Grace for the term), ThomasTommyTom decided to humble me last night and not sleep for more than 22 minutes. I soooo want to be all "treasure this time, cherish it blah blah" but that is much easier done with 33 consecutive minutes of sleep than 22.

We may need to rename Ten Minute Tuesday "Keri complains about lack of sleep Tuesday" because if you ask me to sit and down and just start writing, chances are this will be the topic for the next few weeks. Beginning Monday, we start Moms on Call bootcamp so hopefully we'll see some less cranky posts coming out of here. But maybe not, because really, how do you pry these little angels off your chests and banish them to the bassinet. I almost prefer the lack of sleep...

Oh and p.s. part of ten minute tuesday is the understanding that it will be very stream of consciousness/incoherant. Disclaimer made.

12 minutes. done. Sweet dreams to all of you lucky enough to sleep tonight!

Love this photo of my babes- sorry about the red-eye. Fixing that would have required way more than 10 minutes...


  1. Loved your post, Keri! Congratulations...your sweet boy is absolutely precious. He is SO SO cute...as is his big sis! Thinking of you...

    Kelly :)

  2. I'm so happy for you! I love his name:) I seem to recall a marvelous relative of yours who's also a lactation consultant!
    Take Care...